Panasonic 3DO Emulation Comes To Android Devices In 'Real3DOPlayer' App

Panasonic-3DO-Emulator-for-AndroidWe've all enjoyed carrying around our favourite Mega Drive and Super Nintendo classics in our pocket thanks to the various Android apps and jailbroken equivalents for Apple iOS. As of today though, those interested in the more obscure side of gaming will be pleased to know that Panasonic 3DO emulation has arrived on the Google Play Store.

The newly released Real3DOPlayer is the newest addition to Android's emulation line-up, costing just a mere £1.19 to download. Although simplistic in its approach and selection of settings, Real3DOPlayer promises (and delivers) full-speed emulation of the 3DO on devices with 1.5 GHz dual core ARM at the ready.

Our initial tests found the likes of Need For Speed, Road Rash, and even Star Wars Rebel Assault working flawlessly on Real3DOPlayer. So should you have a phone in need of some multimedia action, or even an Android gaming tablet such as the JXD S7800B or the GPD XD, then be sure to check out Real3DOPlayer.

Real3DOPlayer (Panasonic 3DO Emulator for Android)

Link: Download Real3DOPlayer

Last Updated ( 21 September 2015 )  


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