Notorious Nintendo NES Cult Classic Cheetahmen II Due For Reproduction Cart Release Via Kickstarter

Notorious-Nintendo-NES-Cult-Classic-Cheetahmen-II-Due-For-Reproduction-Cart-Release-Via-KickstarterAfter re-releasing the iconic Cheetahmen for the Nintendo NES last year, Greg Pabich of Active Enterprises has opened up a Kickstarter hoping to give the questionable sequel the attention it deserves. Regarded as the ultimate cult classic for Nintendo's 8-bit console, Cheetahmen II is a title you want to experience for all the wrong reasons.

Greg's Kickstarter and his approach knows this all too well. Active Enterprises have called upon the Angry Video Game Nerd to dig up his troubled past with the notoriously bad game and star in their commercial for the potential new release. The video features all the humour you'd expect from an AVGN episode, accompanied by everything you need to know about the Cheetahmen II Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter is looking to raise a whooping $60,000 before the game is released, with a wide selection of offers for potential investors. A $60 donation will secure a reproduction copy of the game, while more generous donations will bring you various additions all the way up to being flown over to Dallas to meet the team.

Knowing how bad this game is, why should you invest? Well aside from being one of those titles you need to experience at some point in your gaming lives, this re-release is due to fix all the game breaking bugs found in the original game.

Cheetahmen II: The Lost Levels Kickstarter Trailer

Link: Cheetahmen II: The Lost Levels Kickstarter

Last Updated ( 09 August 2012 )  


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(Link to this comment) orkney 2012-08-10 00:59
Or you could just make your own repro using the already fixed ROM? Thats what you're buying afterall.

$65000? Really? :D

I can't believe AVGN, Pat the NES Punk and the Game Chasers have associated with this.
(Link to this comment) Miketendo 2012-08-10 05:05
You're not the only one. This is what most people have been saying in the comments on the video. Hey, anything for a quick buck I guess.
(Link to this comment) Nightowljrm 2012-08-11 17:03
I find it ironic that the Angry Video Game Nerd can't handle real angry video game nerds on his upload of the commercial, so he shuts down ratings and comments... I lost respect for him on that one. He can't take the heat in ONE video?

Anyway, so Greg Pabich came out with how much they're (apparently) spending on making each CIB. I think it's a lie. The parts are from and do not cost NEARLY as much as they claim. Just see for yourself.

Also, Irategamer made a pretty hilarious video about this whole ordeal: I rather enjoyed it.

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