Nintendo To Release Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow On Virtual Console For Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary

Pokemon-Red-Blue-Yellow-Virtual-Console-Re-Releases-DatedTo think that Game Freak’s incredibly successful series Pokemon is nearing its twentieth birthday is sadly proof that we’re aging just as much as the games we love. To help celebrate this upcoming birthday, Nintendo have announced that the first three Pokemon games from the Game Boy’s library are set for a re-release through the e-Shop’s Virtual Console.

Originally capturing Japan’s hearts on February 27th 1996, the latest Nintendo Direct which aired last night confirmed that the re-releases would be also arriving on the same date in 2016. Although Pokemon may not be to every retro gamers likening, you cannot deny that the series helped introduce a new wave of gamers to the RPG genre - along with immortalising the Nintendo Game Boy.

What makes these Virtual Console re-releases worth shout about too is that Nintendo have made sure that both the trading and battling elements of the games are intact. This is now possible through the Nintendo 3DS’s wireless communications - something we could have all done with all those years ago, tangled up in link cables.

Pokemon Red / Blue / Yellow Virtual Console Trailer



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(Link to this comment) DarakuTenshi 2015-11-13 15:54
Took them long enough... only problem is, I got tired of waiting so I bought a GBC and the games on that.
(Link to this comment) Amarthar 2015-11-13 16:44
Sega's franchise reaches an anniversary, they make a brand new game.
Nintendo's franchise reaches an anniversary, they re-release old games.

Sonic got '06 (yeah I know, but at least they tried) for his 15th, and Generations for his 20th. Meanwhile, at Nintendo, for Mario's 25th they re-release Super Mario All-Stars, for Kirby's 20th, they re-released 6 old games, and now for Pokemon's 20th, they re-release 3 old games.

Just an observation...
(Link to this comment) LewisR 2015-11-13 20:01
Wish we could get these on wiiU
(Link to this comment) bulletmarv 2015-11-14 01:06
Well It's good because trying to get the originals has gotten a pain when most people are asking around £10-£15. so if there only 3-6 quid each its a lot cheaper. But I will say it's just lazy putting the roms on the virtual console.
(Link to this comment) KThxsBy 2015-11-14 20:38
would have been better if they updated he battle system to play online.with the original 151 pokemon. plus someone told me Japan are getting physical copies of this?

same old nintendo money from old rope co.

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