Nintendo NES with 5 games sells for $13,105

As mad as it sounds, that was the winning bid for this auction on Although their may only have been 5 games in there, one of the ones included was the incredibly rare American version of Stadium Events.

Often refered to as the rarest of the licensed US NES releases, this final price tag was inevitable.

Stadium Events is the NES equivalent of today's Wii Fit. As usual, games companies were trying out Today's ideas a good two decade agos. Don't believe it? Well, the Wii Miis were also on the NES/Famicom too, but held back due to Nintendo not feeling the hardware was ready for this technology.

Instead of the Wii Fit Balance board, Bandai's Stadium Events could be played with the Family Fun Fitness Mat. A mat similiar to the Dancing mats the Sony Playstation is famous for, players could take part in Track n Field style button bashing gasmes by running as fast as they can on the mat. Although on paper this idea sounds fantastic, it only lead to most players getting on their knees and bashing the mat wiith their hands to run faster on screen.

As Bandai were still unsure on this idea of Fitness and Video games, Stadium Events was released in a test market in North America for a very short time. It is rumoured that only 2000 copies were made for this market before Nintendo bought up the product rights, destroyed the remaining copies and rebranded the mat as the Power Pad. The Power Pad then came bundled with Athletic World, another fitness game and Stadium Events faded into the depths of Nintendo history.

After such a story, a rarity like no other is expected. With most US Nintendo NES collectors, it is viewed as the main problem in completing the licensed set. Whenever one surfaces, the competition for it is insane. In the past, cartridge only copies of Stadium Events have fetched around the $1,000 mark, but a Complete copy is rarely seen.

Link: Stadium Events eBay Auction

Last Updated ( 02 December 2010 )  


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+1 (Link to this comment) Cauterize 2010-02-17 20:58
Ooooh a test comment!
(Link to this comment) hydr0x 2010-02-17 21:01
and yet another one!
(Link to this comment) oldgamerz 2016-01-20 13:03
Yea I agree with you 2 this game commercial advertising (picture remind me of today's rip off business agencies from games today in america, as it seems that my fellow Americans here in america are notorious scam artists.

Here in america it is all about ripping off the little guy for feeding the rich man or women. I'm pretty sure that I'll never buy one of those even if it sold for $20.00 american. this is a great article by the way admins. :-) but that advertising photo that Nintendo put out back then is cheesy and stupid, It all too well reminds me of today's scams. Heck with that kind of money your can even buy a fixer upper house or working used car I am embarrassed at how stupid some Americans are.

however I have no more comments on this

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