Nintendo Famicom Exclusive Adaptation Of Cult Classic Anime 'Akira' Gets A Fan Translation Patch

Nintendo-Famicom-Exclusive-Adaptation-Of-Cult-Anime-Akira-Gets-A-Fan-Translation-PatchEnglish speaking fans of the animated film Akira were hard done by where video games are concerned. The only adaptations made available included a rather tragic Commodore Amiga game and a pinball game on the PlayStation 2 known as Akira Psycho Ball. The Nintendo Famicom, however, got a visual novel adventure game- which has just been translated.

In 1988, Tatio released Akira for the Nintendo Famicom which featured a very similar style of gameplay seen with the likes of the Mega CD classic- Snatcher. The game closely follows the animated film's story with the player taking control of Kaneda right from the point when his motorcycle gang is taken into custody after the abduction of Tetsuo.

Whilst the Japanese may have been lucky enough to experience Akira on the Famicom, the game was met with less than average review scores. Famitsu Magazine (or Famicom Tsūshin as it would have been known back then) gave Taito's efforts a meagre 17/40. Sadly gamers worldwide are long overdue a game that matches up to the merits of this animated classic.

Regardless of review scores, ROM hackers have finally taken apart Akira on the Famicom and translated the entire game into English. So should you want to see if Famitsu's review was spot on or should you fancy diving into the deep end of a text heavy adventure, the Akira translation is waiting!

Akira (Nintendo Famicom) Gameplay Video (Untranslated)

As usual, to enjoy this fan translation patch you will need to have an original ROM file of the game in which you can apply this patch to. Full instructions on how to patch this ROM can be found within the download, or you can refer to this handy ROM patching guide on YouTube.

Link: Akira (Nintendo Famicom) Fan Translation Patch

Last Updated ( 29 April 2012 )  


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