Nintendo 64 Games Hacked To Remove Blurry Graphics Via Action Replay Or Flash Cartridges

Nintendo-64-Anti-Aliasing-Removal-HacksLooking back in hindsight the 64-bit era of gaming consoles were far from being the revolutionary additions we were promised. Don't get us wrong, we love the Nintendo 64 to bits but it's safe to say that a lot of its software library featured blurry and muddy graphics. As of today though it appears game hackers have found a solution to restore some clarity into the visual output of the N64.

Looking over some of the technical jargon around this discovery, it would appear that quite a few Nintendo 64 releases produce crisp polygonal visuals by default, only to then smooth them out with anti-aliasing on the fly. With this in mind a team of retro gamers have been digging deep into the code of a selection of Nintendo 64 games to find out exactly where this functionality is stored - and thus working out a way to then disable it.

While the end result might not be to everyone's taste, but we'd argue that some of the classic Nintendo 64 titles are looking largely improved. Textures are suddenly visible and recognisable, whilst what appeared to be blurry camera viewports are no more. Something also worth noting is that Rare’s output on the 1996 console is vastly improved, with titles such as Jet Force Gemini looking incredibly crisp and clear for the first time. At the same time be prepared to see some games looking a bit rough around the edges.


Image via AssemblerGames forums

How to play these Anti-Aliasing Removal Hacks...

So how exactly do you play these blur free Nintendo 64 games? Well if you own either a Gameshark/Action Replay or a flash cartridge such as the Everdrive 64 or the Retroactive 64drive, you're in luck. Codes have been made available for a wide range of Nintendo 64 games for the cheat cartridges, whilst those with flash cartridges can apply patches to their game ROMs for ease of access. Furthermore the strength of the codes can be adjusted should you feel a little less anti-aliasing removal would work better.

It's worth noting though that the codes and ROM patches are region specific, so make sure your game matches up to the hack provided.

Be sure to let us know if you dig the clarity or prefer the anti-aliased look.

Nintendo 64 Anti-Aliasing Removal Hack In Action

Link: Download Nintendo 64 Anti-Aliasing Removal ROM Patches

Link: Nintendo 64 Anti-Aliasing Gameshark Code Thread



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(Link to this comment) Noobsaibot21 2016-03-18 00:45
Nice. But I though Trilinear filtering was the chief cause of the vaseline look and that it was hardware driven in most games?
(Link to this comment) DarakuTenshi 2016-03-18 13:20
Much better
(Link to this comment) BuckoA51 2016-03-18 23:10
Very similar to what the HDMI mod can do.

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