New Retro Gaming Emulation Console ‘IndieGO!’ Hits Kickstarter

IndieGO-Console-Hits-KickstarterIf the failings of the RetroVGS campaign left you wanting more than its recently announced rebranding with Coleco, then look no further. A true retro gaming console focused on the games we know and love has been revealed through Kickstarter. The IndieGO is an all-in-one solution for enjoying the classics on the big screen through emulation.

Powered via either a Raspberry Pi or Odroid, the IndieGO console is hoping to provide a platform for playing games upto the PlayStation 1 era and below at full speed. Armed with a CD-Rom drive and SD card reader, the system is set to not only provide an easy way to load ROMs, but also a way to play games from their original discs - such as the PlayStation 1, Mega CD, Amiga CD32, and other platforms too.

On top of that too, those of you interested in classic PC gaming will be pleased to know that the IndieGO comes with Wine pre-installed to allow the booting of older operating systems such as Windows 95/98 for those early computer classics. Furthermore, the system can be used as a media centre too through KODI, along with offering the ability to stream your high-end PC games via Moonlight.

Needless to say there’s quite a lot on offer with the IndieGO console, and luckily enough for us they’re not seeking too much on Kickstarter either. With the target of just €7,500 nearly close, those interested can look at a wide variety of options available for the system, starting at €149 for a Raspberry Pi 2 powered system, or from €179 for an Odroid one instead.

IndieGo Kickstarter Trailer

Link: IndieGO Console on Kickstarter



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(Link to this comment) BuckoA51 2015-12-21 15:39
Wine is a implementation of Windows APIs on unix/linux, it's nothing to do with booting actual Windows.

Not really impressed with this box tbh, I don't see what it brings new to the market at all. Nothing here you couldn't easily make yourself. Not enough horsepower for accurate emulation.
(Link to this comment) Renard 2015-12-21 18:09
Also, Wine won't run on ARM-based devices. You'd need Qemu for something like that - good luck on a Pi.
(Link to this comment) phoenixkonsole 2015-12-21 19:33
Hi guys,
you are both a little bit wrong ; ) Let me try to clarify:
1. You can choose a Odriid XU4.. please check geekbench results and you will see that it can handle Wii/gamecube and Dreamcast just fine
2. Wine is indeed a i386 binary and if you will read stuff you would see that the console OS is based on . So it included Exagear (a commercial i386 wrapper for ARM).
While a Pi2 is indeed not fast, a Odroid XU4 is. Whatever even on a Pi2 you can run Windows games like DIablo2 or even windows versions of emulators like WinUAE and WinFellow.

Please check Update #2

Of course you can do something like that by yourself, but hardly at this cost and with all software we've included.
We included indeed "licensed" commercial software at a huge discount.

Best Regards,
(Link to this comment) jamespoo 2015-12-22 02:53
waist of money i can just get a mini pc off aliexpress that will more or less do what this does minus the dvd drive for less then 90usd free shipping
(Link to this comment) Wizbiscuit 2015-12-22 09:23
Clearly not a waste of money, sounds like it could be a nice way to have a dedicated emulation machine, pre-loaded and ready to go... Sure you could do this yourself, but you often find you spend more time messing about setting stuff up than you do actually playing games (for some all that setting stuff us is half the fun, but not for all)... So I think this is great and for sure I will look at picking one up down the line...
(Link to this comment) phoenixkonsole 2015-12-28 12:35
We have updated the campaign to reflect the latest updates.
Also the rewards have been updated. Please check the new 'reward section' in the main description for this.
First of all:
Wifi and Bluetooth is now included in every console
All consoles have now twice the storage. 16 became 32 and 32 became 64GB.
We have also licensed 19 designs which can be ordered as decal for the console (+1 indieGO! - decal)

We will add more options, games and info over the next weeks.

Have a nice day

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