New Releases 'DARC' & 'Lost Raider' Lead The Sega Master System Homebrew Revolution

New-Releases-DARC-and-Lost-Raider-Lead-The-Sega-Master-System-Homebrew-RevolutionThe Sega Master System fanatics over at SMSPower recently held their annual coding and composing competition. Amongst the numerous entries are two standout homebrew releases which are more than worthy of a physical release.

This new Metroidvania based shooter DARC now holds the SMSPower coding crown of 2012, after showcasing what the Sega Master System is really capable of 27 years after its initial release in Japan. Should you get round to experiencing the homebrew release created by a team of three talented coders, you'll be overwhelmed by how polished and professional the game feels- one you'd expect to have been sold back in the day.

DARC's side scrolling adventure spanning countless screens is one where by you must infiltrate an alien fortress and destroy the various cores throughout the vast environment. The game features the much loved backtracking adventure genre combined with an indispensable fog-of-war-enabled mini map to help guide you forward. This adventure, however, is no easy feat. DARC holds a huge challenge within due to the varying enemies and traps laid out before our protagonist.

DARC (Sega Master System Homebrew) Gameplay Video

Link: Download DARC (Sega Master System Homebrew)

While DARC may have runaway with the top prize, there is still another homebrew release from SMSPower's 2012 Coding Competition worth mentioning. Despite being an unfinished release with no audio, Lost Raider also holds plenty of promise for the future of Sega Master System homebrew development.

Lost Raider features a stunning graphical style by Master System standards and gameplay which could potentially become an adventure to behold. Sadly for now there is nothing to do but amass a high score while exploring and enjoying the work of two more talented individuals.

Lost Raider (Sega Master System Homebrew) Gameplay Video

Link: Download Lost Raider (Sega Master System Homebrew)

Hopefully the future will bring both a physical release for DARC and a more advanced version of Lost Raider. Until then you can either enjoy these future classics on a Master Everdrive Sega Master System flash cartridge or a Sega Master System Emulator. And don't forget to head over to the SMSPower competition results to check out the other entries and impressive compositions.

Link: SMS Power! 15th Anniversary Competition results

Last Updated ( 11 April 2012 )  


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(Link to this comment) Speedle 2012-04-13 09:22
Wow! Absolutely brilliant! The use of the colour palette on these games is brilliant! Both games I'd happily pay good money for! Time to invest in a SMS flash cart me thinks! :)

I am literally blown away by how good Lost Raider looks!

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