New Homebrew Release 'Streemerz' Grappling Its Way Onto The Nintendo NES This Month

New-Homebrew-Release-Streemerz-Grappling-Its-Way-Onto-The-Nintendo-NES-This-MonthThere's been countless homebrew efforts over the years supplying our bygone systems with new software. However, the upcoming release from Faux Game known as Streemerz - a NES port of a flash game - is set to raise the standards to a whole new level. The Bionic Commando inspired action game is without a doubt one of the most impressive homebrew releases to date.

The original online flash version of Streemerz was released in 2010 on websites such as Kongregate in a time when replicating the Nintendo NES's style was all the rage. This wave of 8-bit inspiration saw the likes of Super Mario Crossover and VVVVVV being released, both of which sported retro console graphics and gameplay similar to that of decades gone.

With so much leaning on our gaming past, we can only presume that the developers behind these impressive neo-retro releases have been sat dreaming about the way in which their efforts would play on the original classic gaming hardware. Mr. Podunkian, however, the genius behind Streemerz, no longer needs to dream.

Finnish based homebrew developers Faux Game have managed to convert the NEStalgic flash game into a fully fledged Nintendo NES title, which is due to be released later this month as a downloadable ROM. This achievement is one that cannot go amiss, as it appears to have made a flawless transition to the Nintendo NES - one which could easily be passed off as an official release.

The perfect port isn't the only thing worth mentioning, as the game itself is by far one of the most addictive yet challenging titles that will ever grace the Nintendo NES. If you haven't already played the original flash version of Streemerz, check out this gameplay trailer below to get a taste of the action.

Streemerz (Nintendo NES) Homebrew Gameplay Trailer

Keep checking back for further updates on Streemerz as we await the game's ROM to be released online for download. Collectors, however, will need to keep a close eye on the project overall as there has been talk of the game potentially getting a physical cartridge reproduction release.

Link: Faux Game's Streemerz

Last Updated ( 02 October 2012 )  


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(Link to this comment) Speedle 2012-10-03 15:36
it wouldn't be a NES game without spelling mistakes :)

Looks awesome!
(Link to this comment) Tepid Snake 2012-10-05 20:59
Nice! What makes this ten times greater is it's a massively-retooled homage to Streemerz from the infamously awful Action 52!
(Link to this comment) mainvein 2012-10-14 23:23
i spent a long time playing this at play on saturday - this is a great game, really playable, really challenging too. I got completely stuck not far into level 2, and no one around could see how to do it - i reckons i will be getting my hands on this

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