New NES Homebrew ‘Legends of Owlia’ Standard Edition Now Available

LegendsOfOwliaAPADAfter much anticipation, homebrew developer Gradual Games have finally released ‘Legends of Owlia’ SE for the Nintendo Entertainment System. ‘Legends of Owlia’ is an adventure role playing game that has been inspired by games like The Legend of Zelda, but also features its own flavor of gameplay. According to Gradual Games’ website, the plot of the game follows Adlanniel and her trusty owl partner Tyto as they look to defeat King Mermon. In addition to using Adlanniel’s sword to slice up enemies, the player can also use Tyto’s various techniques to work through each level. The game also follows the traditional top down RPG view which is a favorite among gamers. It includes puzzles as well as multiple bosses to add gameplay variety to Adlanniel’s adventure.

Gradual Games have released two different packages for the game. One package meets the needs of the more frugal retro gamer while the other package was created for the hardcore collector. The first option for buying the game is the cartridge and manual only which is listed at $35. The second option is the complete version that includes the cartridge, box and manual for $47. These are the prices before tax and shipping.

Overall, the prices seem fairly reasonable compared to other similar projects and the game appears to be another solid addition to the original Nintendo’s library. ‘Legends of Owlia’ seems like it will give retro gamers who love old school NES role playing games a reason to hook up their old systems and start a new adventure.

Legends of Owlia (Nintendo NES Homebrew) Release Trailer

Link: Gradual Games' Website

Link: Purchase 'Legends of Owlia' Nintendo NES Homebrew

Last Updated ( 07 June 2016 )  

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