New Mega Drive Homebrew 'UWOL: Quest For Money' Getting Physical Cartridge Release

UWOL-Quest-For-Money-Mega-Drive-ReleaseNow joining the likes of Oh Mummy, Pier Solar, Beggar Prince and Legend of Wukong in the line up of homebrew Mega Drive games available on physical cartridges is UWOL: Quest For Money. The addictive fast paced platformer from The Mojon Twins is due to be released shortly through Alternativo 1985 in limited quantities.

The Spanish publishers (who were also behind the 16-bit remake of Amstrad CPC classic, Oh Mummy) recently announced that this homebrew platformer will soon be available for just €27.95. This price tag not includes the game on a Mega Drive compatible cartridge, but also an authentic looking box and accompanying instruction manual.

Although the Alternativo 1985 online shop is currently offline, pre-orders are currently being taken through email at the publisher's blog to gauge interest for the production run.

UWOL: Quest For Money Gameplay 

Link: UWOL: Quest For Money Heading To The Sega Mega Drive

Source: Mo5

Last Updated ( 21 October 2013 )  


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(Link to this comment) Loch and Quay 2013-10-22 18:11
It's a thousand miles away from the kind of depth/replayability I'd like from a comparitively expensive release compared to 8-bit home computer versions, but I'm highly tempted to grab a copy just to support more such games hitting the MD. As much as I like the idea of disc-based DC homebrew games, the fact that you need a machine from a certain date and have to deal with achey-breaky lasers is a pain in the arse.

So, more MD homebrew please :D
(Link to this comment) Punisher 2013-10-24 21:27
do you know how to get a copy?

(Link to this comment) geruba 2013-10-27 10:20
I think it is way too simple for a standalone cartridge release.

I have seen a playthrough and it involves just jumping, collecting the coins, and avoiding the "enemies" that are just fixed blocks that move from side to side. There is a ghost that chases you when the timer runs out, but there are no boss fights, no power ups, no complex attack patterns. No depth or variety to the gameplay at all.

There is a place for smaller homebrew projects like this, but I wouldn't pay money for them, and I certainly don't see any value in releasing such expensive cartridges when the games on them are nowhere near the quality of commercial MD releases. If anything it risks damaging the reputation that releases such as Pier Solar have helped to create.
(Link to this comment) Teukku 2013-10-28 11:25
I received my copy today. Have to say that after opening the package I have mixed thoughts on this. My biggest let down was the box. Its really poor quality with missing/broken clips and all. Cartridge doesn't fit to its designated slot and for this reason the box doesn't close as it should. The box also looks like its going to split in two as the plastic is cracking.

However the art is amazing! Who ever did the art and printing made excellent job! Colors are bright and quality is really nice! Same goes with the cartridge as it definately wasn't made in the same place with the box. Haven't yet tried the game so can't say much about that I think I'm going to give it a go tonight.

Its definately nice to look at but not as pleasant to handle :/

Production values 6/10
(Link to this comment) Yandman 2013-10-28 19:28
How did you get your game so quickly if they are accepting pre-orders??

Having previously purchased from alternativo you have just summed up all my fears, They took a lot of heat from the previous release due to cheap broken boxes, sloppy cartridge labels and very poor service ( i waited 8 months to receive my game ) I think supporting home brew releases is very important and the thought of getting new megadrive games is exciting but if its executed like the previous one i dont think i can commit, The guys at watermelon had previously supposedly clued these guys up on good packaging etc but it sounds like this hasnt happened.
(Link to this comment) coffeewithmrsaturn 2013-10-28 22:04
This company, and Fase Bonus, is a joke. Worst customer service I've ever been subject to from a professional game producer. I reported him to paypal earlier this year when I ordered two copies of Oh Mummy. He only sent one, and it didn't even work! The guy waited to ship until I opened a paypal case, by the way. How trashy can you be, come on.

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