New Sega Dreamcast & Sony PlayStation Game 'Zia And The Goddesses of Magic' Announced

Zia-Goddesses-Of-Magic2016 continues to be hell of a year for the homebrew indie scene with the recent announcement of 16-Bit style RPG Zia and the Goddesses of Magic for the Dreamcast, Sony PlayStation 1 and for STEAM.

We only have a few details so far surrounding the game along with a recent Trailer showing of gameplay and the games music:

Zia and the Goddesses is set in a fantasy world, where the goddesses of magic are the guardians of the good, a powerful evil demon captures all the goddesses and jails them in different places where they cannot use their magic powers. Evil creatures start populating the surrounding villages and threaten the inhabitants.

 Zia is a little girl who lives in a mountain village with her beloving parents. One day, she discovers a book of magic and starts training to learn how to use magic spells. During her journey, Zia will find out about the imprisoned goddesses, and will try to free them from the evil creatures using the magic spells she will learn.

Join Zia in a Journey around this mystic world, help her find the imprisoned goddesses and try to free them from the evil creatures!

Zia and Goddesses of Magic comes from Orion who has worked on Elansar, Philia and Alice's Mom's Rescue to name a few.

The game is planned to release this September. Check out for more info and to purchase the game when available along with Orion’s previous work, currently there is no word if there will be any special editions like with Alice’s Mom’s Rescue. 

Last Updated ( 16 May 2016 )  


(Link to this comment) foreverclassic105 2016-05-17 23:21
I hope they fix the grammar in the dialogue. Whew boy, that was pretty rough.

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