Neoflash's 'Neo SNK Arcade MVS Magic Key' Converter Brings Game Genie Style Cheating To The Neo Geo

Neoflash-Neo-SNK-Arcade-MVS-Magic-Key-Converter-Brings-Game-Genie-Style-Cheating-To-The-Neo-GeoWith pure arcade gameplay on offer and challenging difficulty, SNK fans can't rely on cheat codes to carry them through the rough times... or can they? Neoflash's Neo SNK Arcade MVS Magic Key Converter may have the answer, as the MVS to AES adapter features Game Genie / Action Replay style cheat codes on the Neo Geo.

Given that most Neo Geo MVS cartridges are a fraction of the cost of their AES counterparts, Neoflash, amongst others, created adapters for Neo Geo gamers wanting enjoy their titles on the cheap. These devices allowed MVS cartridges to be plugged into the Neo Geo AES home system and booted up without question.

The latest version of Neoflash's MVS to AES adapter, the Neo SNK Arcade MVS Magic Key, is a step up from their last release by incorporating a selection of new features. The Neo SNK Arcade MVS Magic Key allows you to not only select which region you would like to boot MVS games in, but also brings along the addition of real time cheating on the Neo Geo - similar to that of a Pro Action Replay or Game Genie cheat cartridge.

By pressing Start and Select together on the Neo Geo arcade stick in the middle of a game, a menu screen will appear with a selection of cheat codes to choose from. For example, on King of Fighters '99 you'll be able to unlock hidden characters, enable red blood, infinite health, infinite power and infinite time. In Samurai Shodown 5 you'll be given access to Yumeji and Sankuro as playable characters. What other cheat codes lie within this device is yet to be confirmed, however, we'd love to see Metal Slug being granted infinite ammo on those more powerful weapons dotted around the game.

The device is now available via Neoflash's distributor IC2005 for $239.

Update: A closer inspection suggests that the very same functionality and in-game cheat menus on offer here ressembles what is found in the Neo Geo Unibios software. While we are yet to confirm if the adapter has copied the Unibios codes and features is yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned as we're sure a Neo Geo fanatic will uncover the truth sooner or later.

Link: Buy Neoflash Neo SNK Arcade MVS Magic Key Converter at IC2005

Link: Neo SNK Arcade MVS Magic Key Converter Thread at Neoflash

Last Updated ( 02 December 2012 )  


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(Link to this comment) DarakuTenshi 2012-12-02 21:32
So what happens if you use this in conjunction with the UniBios (which uses the same button command to access the cheat menu)?
(Link to this comment) k1ngarth3r 2012-12-03 17:25
I was going to say my unibios let's me cheat if I want to, what does this offer that's different :-)

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