Missing In Action: Mr Splash for the Nintendo NES / Famicom

Mr-Splash-DVD-Box-Set-With-Japanese-Cartridge-KitWhile the majority of homebrew coders are very vocal about their work, a certain Nintendo Famicom developer is staying rather quiet. Hiroshi Inukai (also known as Polygon) created Mr Splash for the Famicom back in 2007, however to this day it remains almost unheard of due to a limited distribution model.

When Mr Splash finally made its way out of the development studio in 2007, the game wasn't released on your standard plug 'n' play cartridge. Instead a ROM of the game was made available on a CD within a Japanese DVD box set known as ゲーム・ジェネレーションX ~8ビットの魂~ (which roughly translates to 'Game Generation X: The Spirit of 8-bit') prepared with a bundled Nintendo NES emulator.

The release also offered gamers wanting to play Mr Splash on original hardware a little surprise. If you were lucky enough to pre-order the DVD box set, a kit to create your very own Mr Splash cartridge was provided by Polygon and included within your package. All that was needed now was a bit of skill with a soldering iron and away you go.

After generating positive responses online, it wasn't long before the American Nintendo NES fans caught onto this new release and began hunting for ways to obtain either the game ROM or the cartridge kit. With just 101 rumoured Japanese cartridges available fetching obscene amounts on Yahoo Auctions JP, gamers worldwide are left stumped as they desperately attempt to track down the CD containing Mr Splash.

Four years later, a playable ROM of Mr Splash is currently nowhere to be seen.

Omake Books and the French PAL Mr Splash

Mr-Splash-Nintendo-NES-French-PAL-CartridgeOmake Books, a French publisher well known for their L'Histoire de Nintendo book in France managed to meet with Polygon to discuss the future of Mr Splash and a potential French release of the game.

While an agreement was met, it did come with some restrictions. Not only was the French release to be limited to just 50 copies, but Polygon decided that the game must not be sold under any circumstances. This incredibly scarce print run of Mr Splash was to be given away or won via competitions which Omake Books would be hosting over time.

How Omake Books are giving away Mr Splash can be closely tracked on their website, however you'll have to rely on Google Translate or your French language skills to stay up to date.

Mr Splash (Nintendo NES / Famicom) Gameplay Video

Link: Mr Splash at Omake Books

Last Updated ( 26 June 2011 )  


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(Link to this comment) Tepid Snake 2011-06-26 21:08
Nice write-up- I'd forgotten about this title! Apparently the game was developed in only two months! (It's what the DVD box set is about- a documentary about the game's development).

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