Microsoft to End Xbox Live Indie Games by 2017

After almost 10 years, Microsoft will soon be shutting down its Xbox Live Indie Games service, but luckily you've got a heads-up- in late 2017, it's gone for good.

 A service intended to allow smaller developers to get their work onto consoles- in a way, similar to the Playstation's Net Yaroze, with the difference being developers had a marketplace to sell their games on- Xbox Live Indie Games will be coming to an end in September 2017, with sales stopping at that point, although you'll be able to redownload any you've already bought. Additionally, Microsoft have promised to help developers preserve their games after the marketplace closes- an encouraging promise, seeing as digital distribution can lead to games disappearing forever.

This might not sound particularly relevant to retro gamers, but while you might have to really dig deep into the service to find them, there's plenty of retro-inspired games, and even a handful of genuine ports, hiding there for you to ferret out. For a start, genuine ports of Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy were released for the service, as well as a remake of PS1 Net Yaroze game Timeslip. For original games available, one of the easiest recommendations is tower-defense-em-up Protect Me Knight from Ancient with Yuzo Koshiro, but others include Exchange Maho-chan (a charming little platform/puzzle game), Twin Tiger Shark (a shoot-em-up that pays tribute to Toaplan games) and Tempura of the Dead (a very neat platformer where you play as a samurai and the president in a fight against zombies). Long-time RetroCollect readers may aso remember the games from Alpha Secret Base, including Kaiten Patissier and Ganbare Batsuki San.

With over 3000 (!!) games on the service- you're free to take bets on what percentage of those are based around Xbox Avatars- there's obviously a lot of games for some hidden gems to be hiding in. Fortunately, you now have a long two years to find them... Or, if you want to make it easier, suggest some favourites in the comments.

Link: XBLIG Progam Announcement

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(Link to this comment) Wombat 2015-09-13 11:28
Had lots of fun with "the impossible game" and the Arkedo Series. Too bad XBLIG never reached the Netherlands, I had to make a separate gamertag setup for a different region to enjoy these games!
(Link to this comment) TwoHeadedBoy 2015-09-16 00:42
Loads of good ones on that service...

-Score Rush is honestly one of the best shoot-em-ups I've ever played, it's got a four player mode as well.

-Infinity Danger, an interesting shoot-em-up which has you facing increasingly massive/ridiculous bosses.

-Shoot 1UP - Another shoot-em-up, this time instead of power ups you collect extra ships, so eventually you're controlling whole fleets of the things.

-I Made A Game With Zombies In It - Twin-stick shooter thing with crazy weapons and a ridiculously catchy theme song.

-The Charge - Fly down a 3D tunnel, going through the hoops, getting faster and faster and faster (think I've got up to 900mph or something). Again, with a catchy theme song.
(Link to this comment) qupe 2015-09-18 21:37
There are a ton of good games. I will post more tomorrow but for now these will have to do:

Apple Jack
Apple Jack 2
Revolver 360
Echoes +
Upbot Goes Up
Snops Attack
We Are Cubes
SFG Soccer
Alien Jelly

If you go to page one here a lot of games are recommended. The picture images expired but open up the spoilers and you'll see videos for the games,

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