Magic Bubble - Incredibly Rare And Unlicensed Taiwanese Sega Mega Drive Release Appears On eBay

Magic-Bubble-Incredibly-Rare-And-Unlicensed-Taiwanese-Sega-Mega-Drive-Release-Appears-On-eBayAs far as Sega Mega Drive rarities go, we're all familiar with the likes of Death & Return of Superman and the blue box World Championship Soccer 2, but what about the even obscurer titles? Magic Bubble, an unlicensed puzzle game hailing from Taiwan, is one of these which would make an incredible addition to any retro game collection.

Very little is known about Magic Bubble today, other than it being created by C&E Inc- the studio who behind Beggar Prince (which was later re-released by Super Fighter Team). Despite this Mega Drive game being an unofficial release, a pirate version of the game later made its way onto the black market in Korea, but as far as we are aware copies never surfaced in Europe.

The game itself is rather enjoyable and of a much higher standard than you'd expect from the unofficial games we've all grown accustomed to over time (Rockman X3 we're looking at you). You simply must bundle together four of the same coloured bubbles to clear them from the screen, to provide oxygen for the various fish swimming around.

The real charm of the game, however, comes from how bizarre it really is. Despite featuring a deep sea theme, Magic Bubble has you confused within seconds of booting up due to the theatrical opening of questionable anthropomorphic bubbles singing you in. This oddity is taken further by the Engrish story introduction and the horrific choir sung each time you clear a bundle of bubbles.

Magic Bubble (Sega Mega Drive) Gameplay Video

So why should you be interested in such an obscure Mega Drive title that doesn't fit into the list of official releases? Well for starters, not a single Sega Mega Drive ROM of Magic Bubble is available on the internet for download. Any chance of enjoying this game solely hangs on acquiring the actual cartridge.

As of speaking, there is one copy of Magic Bubble available right now on eBay. RetroCollect's very own superstar eBay powerseller arma_dillo2009 is currently selling his copy of Magic Bubble on auction, with nearly a week left to go. This version for sale is the original Taiwanese version, complete, and worthy in any growing Sega Mega Drive collection.

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Last Updated ( 12 May 2012 )  


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(Link to this comment) Anthonytats 2012-05-13 13:40
Im just curious, is anyone on here bidding also?
Im now in a bidding war with someone so im just curious...

6 days left and ive already upped the bid to 65 quid.
Cant decide how much i should go up to though... I was thinking a couple hundred.
(Link to this comment) TwoHeadedBoy 2012-05-17 20:53
Magic Bubble on the Mega Drive, Bubble Bath Babes on the NES... What is it about this weird upside-down Tetris-alike that gets bootleggers and collectors so crazy?

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