Long Lost Sega Saturn 'Sonic X-Treme' Ported To Windows

Sonic-X-Treme-Fish-Eye-Lens-Prototype-Recreated-in-WindowsThe demise of Sonic The Hedgehog can easily be seen historically from the arrival of 32-bit hardware. With Sega clearly unsure on how to handle the blue blur in three dimensions, countless attempts were made to bring the flagship hero to the Saturn, but never seen. Fast forward to today and one of these long lost outings can finally be enjoyed through fan-made efforts to revive Sonic X-Treme.

Prototype fans, however, may already be familiar with Sonic X-Treme following the release of an unfinished version of the game in 2007. Although proving to be the real deal, there was very little to be seen other than a primitave tech demo detailing a single level portrayed through an awkward camera angle. Nevertheless retro gamers finally got chance to sample the missing link in the Sonic series, only to realise why the game was never released.

More recently though, a member of the AssemblerGames forums obtained some original files from the studio working on another version of Sonic X-Treme - one using a fish-eye lens camera and platforming action, in some ways, more familiar to the grid-based Sega Saturn platformer, Bug.

After several months tweaking the code and ploughing through it, forum member JollyRoger has ported the remaining code and levels into a playable version for Windows. While it's anything but complete, it gives us yet another view on Sega's failed attempts to do Sonic justice, and further proves that with enough patience, we'll eventually get to play many more of the cancelled games of yesteryear.

Sonic X-Treme Prototype Port (Gameplay)

Link: Sonic X-Treme Prototype (Windows Port) Release Thread

Last Updated ( 24 February 2015 )  


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(Link to this comment) FlyingHellfish 2015-02-24 13:48
Very much a prototype then! Shame we never got a proper Sonic game on Saturn, though the time attack mode on Sonic Jam was certainly a fond memory of mine.
(Link to this comment) Speedle 2015-02-24 14:24
Been following the progress on this on the Assembler forum, very cool and very much a little taster for us all as there is much more work going on in the background on restoring other bits of the game. I suggest you sign up on the assembler forums if you're not already on it and follow the progress. There is every intention to release a version that will run on actual Saturn hardware :) and there is also a lot more to see than just this first demo ;)
(Link to this comment) LDman95 2015-02-27 21:04
I played 5 minutes of this and this has some promise but I keep falling to the sky. Still though, a more finished game than Sonic Boom.

WAIT A MOMENT...the file name for the game is soncboom. This is hilarious!

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