Piecing Together The Legend of Zelda Series With A Somewhat Official Timeline Finally Revealed

Zelda-Timeline-MinishAfter several years of speculation and theory, the truth has come out through Nintendo's Zelda artbook; The Legend of Zelda series finally has it's own timeline to share with the world.

While Nintendo has remained quiet with most of their series for timelines (except for Metroid), the Zelda series has always been one of the more confusing timelines in video game history. It seemed as if Nintendo was just creating prequel after prequel, but now the official artbook of the Zelda series has been revealed to hold the timeline, as approved by Nintendo.

There has been no comment from Shigeru Miyamoto or any Nintendo executives, but since the book was released by Nintendo, and overseen by Zelda Producer Eiji Aonuma, it can be considered legitimate. fan-translator Glitterberri has posted a translated version of the timeline, which can be seen below.

Well, what does everybody think? Is it exactly how you pictured it? What was your timeline like before this came out? Comment below!

Happy Holidays, all!

Source: http://www.glitterberri.com/uncategorized/the-real-zelda-timeline/


Last Updated ( 24 December 2011 )  

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(Link to this comment) Welshwuff 2011-12-24 21:41
Personally im not satisfied, if theres a time break for failing Ocarina of time, wouldn't that logicly mean that EVERY Zelda game is a split time line of winning and loosing? Im hoping it just wanted translated 100% correctly. Also i know the timeline isnt exactly what makes the games tottally worth playing, but having failing be an acceptable factor kind of makes loosing, ok....i dunno, it raises WAY too many questions, like yo can pinpoint where the time shifts happen in the other two time lines, but, where exactly did link fail then... both living time lines simutainiously the moment link is sent back to his childhood, the adult line continues without link and the child one continues with knowlage of the future to prevent it, so where did this defeated one fit!

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