La Mulana WiiWare Launch Plays With Our Hearts. EnjoyUp Games Picks Up The Pieces

lmThe Nintendo Wiiware release of the retro-flavoured indie darling known as La Mulana has been delayed, postponed, cancelled, and now finally returns thanks to Spanish production company EnjoyUp Games.

La Mulana was a title released on the PC released in 2005. A Metroidvania clone, gamers around the world fell in love with the adventurer known as Lemeza. The title was a love letter to Indiana Jones and MSX game fans, with an actual MSX being part of the actual gameplay. The developer of the Wiiware version, Nigoro, developed a port of the game that enhanced the graphics and music. Despite the game reaching a Japanese audience, the North American and European audiences were left with massive amounts of delays. After the Japanese release in mid-2011, gamers silently wondered if the struggling Western Wiiware market would see an actual release for the title.

Earlier this summer, Wiiware fans got their answer from publisher Nicalis, who decided to not release the title in the United States, stating numerous problems with the delay in release and Nintendo's final approval of the coding used for their Wiiware channel. Fans were broken-hearted, expecting to see one of the last big Wiiware titles head to their neck of the woods.

EnjoyUp picked up the pieces, and the title is now back on for distribution on September 20, 2012. Fans will be able to purchase La Mulana soon. The producers have released other underrated titles such as the Nintendo DS' "Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ."

This may be the last chance you have to support a WiiWare title. Is this game something you'd be interested in buying? Are you going to stick with the recently released PC upgraded port, or go with the original version? Let us know in the comments!

Last Updated ( 12 September 2012 )  

Michael "Miketendo" Levy

Raised on an NES, Saturday AM cartoons and sugary cereal, Michael Levy was your average 80's kid growing up. Despite having odd obsessions with bears, peanut butter, zombies and Tifa Lockhart, 'Miketendo' is also the creator of the YouTube review series: D.Y.H.P.T.G?! (Dude, You Haven't Played This Game?!)

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