KRIKzz's Mega Everdrive Mega Drive Flash Card Now Available

KRIKzz-Mega-Everdrive-Mega-Drive-Flash-Card-Now-AvailableSave state functionality built into emulators has always been a distant dream for those who enjoy playing retro games on the original hardware... At least until now. KRIKzz has finally released the updated version of his Sega Mega Drive flash card, the Mega Everdrive, featuring not only save state functionality but much more.

In comparison to the original Everdrive cartridge, the updates alone are without a doubt worth the upgrade. Games loaded from the SD card only take a few seconds to load compared to the original 10+ second wait. The game menu which you choose ROM files from the SD card can be accessed in any game without needing to reboot the console. The Mega Everdrive also doubles up a RAM card to backup your Mega CD game saves to. And of course, the save states which you can then resume again at any time.

If you're unfamiliar with the original Everdrive cartridge, it might be worth noting that this all in one ROM loading solution to the Sega Mega Drive comes packed with even more features. These also include Sega Master System ROM loading, Sega 32X compatibility, Game Genie and Pro-Action Replay cheat code functionality and even as a BIOS selector for the Mega CD- allowing you to load up the MegaCD as if it was from another region (for imports).

While we are hampering on about the save states, the functionality behind them is somewhat groundbreaking where homebrew hardware for retro consoles is concerned. Imagine being able to make a save point right before Death Egg Zone on Sonic the Hedgehog 2, or maybe even creating a save state to resume at a later date seconds before you face Death Adder in Golden Axe. This incredible feature can be pulled off by pressing both D-Pad Down and Start at the same time, bringing up a popup menu to either save or load your current game.

Mega Everdrive (Sega Mega Drive Flash Card) Demo Video

Should you be interested in getting your hands on this impressive technology and opening up the power of your Sega Mega Drive, the device can now be ordered from a number of places. The polished looking version of the Mega Everdrive featured in this article's picture can be found at StoneAgeGamer's online store.

Hopefully with this cartridge now being available KRIKzz can now focus on his upcoming Turbografx 16/PC Engine flash cartridge, and hopefully create a similar solution for the original Nintendo Game Boy.

Link: Mega Everdrive at KRIKzz's Website
Link: Buy Mega Everdrive from Retrogate
Link: Buy Mega Everdrive (Deluxe Edition) from StoneAgeGamer 

Last Updated ( 22 March 2012 )  


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(Link to this comment) JoeMD 2012-03-22 22:09
For that price I'll stick with the PC for any ROMs I want to play. I'm seriously thinking of getting a Retrode too so that should keep me out of trouble.
(Link to this comment) BuckoA51 2012-03-23 00:38
PC can't touch the real thing, especially on a CRT. Matching the Megadrive's refresh rate is hard the newest Megadrive emulators even have pixel shaders yet? I'd like to know if the save states actually worked for anyone. On the SuperUFO for the SNES, which also boasts similar functionality, I've not yet found one single game where the save states work.
-1 (Link to this comment) Wizbiscuit 2012-03-23 09:14
Wow, this would be great, but at £170 its just not worth it, you could pick up all the megadrive games your really want for that.
(Link to this comment) Relikk 2012-04-05 07:53
170 quid? What? It costs nowhere near 170. It's around 90 for the PCB which you can then house inside a game shell that cost you less than a fiver on eBay.

Worth every penny for any frequent Mega Drive user/owner.

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