Konami Releases First Trailer For Castlevania: Mirror Of Fate

Castlevania_Mirror_of_FateKonami continues the Lords of Shadow series with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow- Mirror of Fate, a new title for the Nintendo 3DS, and it just might change how you feel about the rebooted franchise for better or worse.

Earlier this week, Konami and developer MercurySteam released a trailer for the sequel for Castlevania Lords of Shadow, showing off a bit of a spoiler-ish introduction to the series. If you haven't finished Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, be weary of searching for the video. In their press conference, the first 3DS game was also announced, and slightly teased by very quick voiceover and some art with bloody effects scrolling through the video. Today, Konami officially released the first trailer that shows off gameplay footage as well as story information.

This game features playing as fan favorites Trevor and Simon Belmont, though there may be more Belmonts showcased in the title. The game seems to be based on a 2.5 dimensional platform, which will make fans feel more at home. The series was rebooted with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, a title that has seen its share of controversy.

Earlier in the month, I wrote an article for my Hot Button Topics series that asked the question, pre E3, where is the series headed? At the same time as writing the series, I picked up where I left off in Lords of Shadow, working towards beating it. While I still have my doubts about the reboot, I can safely say that after reaching closer to the end of the game, things feel a bit more Castlevania-ish. Since I already heard about how the game ends, I like where the series is headed, story-wise. My biggest complaint at this point is still the atmosphere and music in the game, as well as the enemies. Lords of Shadow 2 and Mirror of Fate have the ability to change fans' perspective on the rebooted series if they listen to feedback and make the game feel and sound like Castlevania. I'm a lot more excited about Mirror of Fate than Lords of Shadow 2, but it is slowly becoming apparent that the old franchise is dead and gone.

A new chapter has begun, in the Castlevania franchise. Will you turn the page?

Last Updated ( 05 June 2012 )  

Michael "Miketendo" Levy

Raised on an NES, Saturday AM cartoons and sugary cereal, Michael Levy was your average 80's kid growing up. Despite having odd obsessions with bears, peanut butter, zombies and Tifa Lockhart, 'Miketendo' is also the creator of the YouTube review series: D.Y.H.P.T.G?! (Dude, You Haven't Played This Game?!)

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(Link to this comment) RobGone16Bit 2012-06-05 23:37
As much as I love the music and style of the old castlevania games I do think fans need to stop holding on to the past but embrace the future of this series. The first Lords of shadow was a fantastic and very cinematic interpretation of the castlevania mythology with a very solid game behind it, unfortunately it was overlooked by a lot of hardcore fans because they were too stuck in their ways. I knew that as this rebooted series went on it would become more apparent as to how it would tie in with the rest of the belmont clan.

I will definitely be picking this one up as well as LOS2 and I can't wait to see which direction the story in this series takes.
(Link to this comment) Miketendo 2012-06-06 05:02
I think I'm a little more open minded when it comes to what I want the series to be. I'm coming to terms with the loss of the original series, which is a huge change. The series needed a change, and I think it's headed in the right direction. I'm really interested to see where they take the story, and truly enjoy the effort that is going into the games. With that said, the series has always had a few mainstays: excellent music (typically enhanced by organs and baroque style influences, lots of arpeggios, etc.) Belmonts (They kept that,) Dracula (sorta ditto) and a b-movie enhanced Japanese look at a European myth. It lost this last bit, but I think I'll eventually get over it.

As far as the music goes, I think it's important to establish themes that are not only enhancements of classic songs, but also all new songs. It also would help if the music fit the action. For example, in Super Castlevania IV, the music wasn't the same as the NES trilogy, enhanced by jazz and classical songs that moved the listener. Lords of Shadow did not focus on bringing the right moments to the scenes it portrayed, with platforming moments being loud and bombastic compared to fight scenes that, at times, are quiet and tranquil. That's my biggest issue of all.

Like I said, I'm slowly but surely easing into the new series.
(Link to this comment) cusser 2012-06-17 09:50
I really enjoyed "Lords of shadow". whilst i do prefer the exploration of the metroidvania style, the series does need to head in a new direction. For me it has always been about the upgrades (in play) and the artwork/design of the series itself.
Best of all...it's a good reason to hang on to my 3DS.

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