Kirby TV series available for free streaming on the Nintendo Wii

Remember when RetroCollect had a look at Kirby - Right Back At Ya! in our article about  gaming cartoons? You can now sample it for yourself, with a new Wii Channel devoted to the series offering free episodes for a limited time.

You can find more info about the show itself in Miketendo's gaming cartoons article (all I'll say is that King Dedede with a Southern is pretty funny) but as for the channel, it's a free download from the Wii Shop Channel (apparently only in Europe at the moment) that offers four Kirby -Right Back At Ya! episodes at any one time to watch for free, with a rotating schedule.

Currently, the first four episodes in the series- Kirby Comes to Cappy Town (until 15th December), A Blockbuster Battle (until 30th June), Kirby's Duel Role (until 4th July) and A Dark and Stormy Knight (until 7th July)- are available to watch, with new episodes replacing existing ones every Monday and Thursday. The instructions also mention 'keys', given to you by watching episodes, that will unlock certain older episodes for 24 hours.

Two things to note, though, are that the series is running in the original Japanese order (the episodes were shuffled around when shown elsewhere), and that Episode 38 - A Novel Approach is apparently 'unavailble in this language', whatever that means. Still, if you missed the show during its original run and don't want to import the DVDs, now's your chance. Now, if only they'd do the same for the Super Mario Bros. Super Show... Haha, kidding!

Last Updated ( 23 June 2011 )  

Tepid Snake

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(Link to this comment) TombRaiderKuchen 2011-06-23 15:20
That's quite neat. I've always considered watching this.
(Link to this comment) Miketendo 2011-06-23 17:27
Very cool. I'll have to check this out.

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