Kickstarter Set To Revive British Gaming Hero Dizzy In 'Dizzy Returns'

Kickstarter-Set-To-Revive-British-Gaming-Hero-Dizzy-In-Dizzy-ReturnsThe everlasting wait of twenty years living in hope of the arrival of a brand new Dizzy adventure has been incredibly painful for retro gamers. As of today, however, fans of the eggtastic series can rejoice and look forward to the future as the Oliver Twins have opened a 'Dizzy Returns' Kickstarter.

To think everything we love about platform games has roots in the adventure series that started back in 1986 is nothing short of incredible. The Oliver Twins revolutionised the genre by simply combining the jumping element of Super Mario Bros with the quest side of text based adventure games. The infuriating limitation of what Dizzy could carry around whilst walking on eggshells was strangely addictive and set to stay.

Sadly though, the series was cut short in 1992 and was not touched for nearly two whole decades. In 2011 the Dizzy brand was finally resurrected and tested in the waters of mobile gaming, with a remake of the 1991 classic Prince of the Yolkfolk. After becoming a huge success and luring classic gamers out from under the floorboards (or back into the attic for their dust covered systems), the Oliver Twins finally feel comfortable enough to gift Dizzy an all new adventure.

Dizzy Returns is what the Oliver Twins are claiming will be the greatest Dizzy game ever created. Hoping to raise a massive fund pool for development, the Kickstarter offers those who pledge the ability to secure a piece of the action upon release, all the way up to being able to get involved within the creation of the game.

Dizzy Returns Kickstarter Video

The estimated arrival of this new adventure is July 2013, a date just about every retro gamer will need to keep pencilled into their new year calendars.

Link: Dizzy Returns on Kickstarter

Last Updated ( 23 November 2012 )  


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(Link to this comment) Loch and Quay 2012-11-23 22:21
£100 for a boxed version? My wallet's staying closed. In the news announcement on Allister Brimble's CD Kickstarter you say that Kickstarter's producing retro items which otherwise wouldn't get published. At first I agreed wholeheartedly, but after letting that settle for a minute I've gotta say that I love homebrew projects etc. but the way Kickstarter campaigns are heading gets right up my nose.

It seems to be less about rewarding investors' trust and cash with genuinely interesting collectibles, a cost-reduced copy of the item etc. and more about risk-avoidance and pretail - charging a pretty similar price for the thing to the suckers who're paying towards its creation. Case in point: it costs £50 to get anything physical from this Kickstarter - a poster. Great. Or for £75 there's postcards and a T-shirt. Maybe it'll say "I helped crowdfund this game, and all I got was a few postcards, a poster and this lousy.." Sorry for the whinge, just really disappointed by this.
(Link to this comment) karadoc 2012-11-24 09:36
Really? You don't want to support such a classic game remake because of lack of a box?

Well, I don't know whether this makes a difference, but being somewhat familiar with the logistics of creating and sending out large numbers of physical items, I am actually surprised they any physical items.

This is a software house. It is the publishers who organise physical product. I think it is quite understandable, but if it is a choice between a digital-only product and physical items, for me, it's no contest.

Having said that, I would serious *love* one of those Dizzy characters behind the Oliver twin's in the video!!

Go Dizzy!
(Link to this comment) gamepopper 2012-11-24 00:29
Awesome! I have been hoping to hear this new for a while :-)
(Link to this comment) Loch and Quay 2012-11-24 14:00
Quoting karadoc:
Really? You don't want to support such a classic game remake because of lack of a box?

I do support the idea of a new Dizzy game, certainly, but support isn't a euphemism for a financial transaction in my book. It's Christmas present buying season, the economy's a mess. There is no way I'm giving Blitz £100 to play with for over six months in exchange for a handful of clutter I don't want and eventually a boxed game which they could have supplied for less than half of the price.

For everyone who's happy with downloads it's good news, to me it's just another Kickstarter where the actual 'thing' is hidden behind a prohibitively high price bracket because the Kickstarter made it so.
(Link to this comment) ewjim 2012-11-26 17:25

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