Jordan Mechner Releases The Source Code To Prince of Persia

Jordan-Mechner-Releases-The-Source-Code-To-Prince-of-PersiaAfter finding his long lost floppy disks containing the priceless code which went on to sell millions, Jordan Mechner has now released the source code to his runaway success- Prince of Persia.

Last month held a very important date for Jordan Mechner after his father located a box full of his original work. Having previously thought these disks, including one holding the Prince of Persia source code, had vanished Mechner excitedly posted the re-discovery on his blog and announced that he would be distributing the code he created back in 1989.

The Prince of Persia code, however, will only really appeal to the true enthusiasts who have retained enough knowledge of the dated assembly language, a codebase which the majority of the retro games we enjoy today were built upon. Mechner's efforts towards preserving a integral part to our gaming history won't go a miss. Hopefully we will see the arrival of many more archival attempts by other retro developers spurred on by Mechner's recent release.

What does this all hold for the non-coding pure gamers out there then? Well should the talented amongst us be able to work their magic, we might see even more Prince of Persia ports on the select few consoles that missed out on Mechner's classic.

Link: Prince of Persia Apple II Source Code on Github

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Last Updated ( 17 April 2012 )  


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