Jim Bagley’s Sinclair ZX81 Port Of Dragon’s Lair Now Available

Dragons-Lair-Ported-To-ZX81For a computer with a mere 1kb of available memory and an incredibly limited black and white display, it’s fair to assume that few advanced video games (other than Monster Maze) hit the Sinclair ZX81. Knowing its limitations though, veteran games developer Jim Bagley decided to do the impossible - port the full motion video arcade hit Dragon’s Lair to the primitive home computer.

Packed into a laserdisc, the original coin-op version of Dragon’s Lair really stood out from the crowd when sat beside a wealth of pixelated and vector based titles. While the game itself may have been nothing more than a quick-time-event video player, it provided both hours of entertainment and a platform for future games to build upon.

Back to the ZX81 one though, Jim Bagley (best known for his ZX Spectrum port of Midnight Resistance and Cabal) has managed to bring the most out of the vintage system through various methods of coding trickery. Having been granted the rights to sell his efforts by the current owners, Bagley has begun directly selling his impressive port of Dragon’s Lair on SD card. While the ZX81 may not have come with an SD card slot, the aftermarket device known as the ZXpand 2.5 will allow you to get going with this port on the original hardware.

But enough talk - how exactly does such a large and detailed game run on this early piece of kit? Take a look for yourself below:

Dragon’s Lair (ZX81 Port) Gameplay

Link: Buy Dragon’s Lair ZX81 Port at SellMyRetro

Source: Mo5

Last Updated ( 03 June 2015 )  


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