Japanese Exclusive PlayStation 2 Remake Of ‘Phantasy Star II’ Fan Translated

Phantasy-Star-Generation-2-PS2-Fan-Translation-PatchAt the start of the millennium Sega decided to gift its back-catalogue with modernised releases which utilised the PlayStation 2’s power. Each game was released as a standalone title in the Sega Ages 2500 collection, with the likes of Golden Axe, OutRun, Space Harrier and many others being updated with the 3D visuals. Amongst these remakes was also an all new look for the Phantasy Star series sporting anime-esque cutscenes and enhanced gameplay too. As you’d expect though, these reboots of Sega’s classic RPG series remained a Japanese exclusive - at least until fan translation efforts took over Phantasy Star Generation 2.

While the majority of the Sega Ages 2500 collection remained exclusive to Japan, a small selection of the 33 different remakes made its way to the West in the Sega Classics Collection - a compilation featuring 9 of Sega’s most famous titles. Phantasy Star II (re-released as Phantasy Star Generation 2) was unfortunately missing from this collection, something we can only assume is down to the lengthy translation process needed to localise it.

Originally released in 2005, Phantasy Star Generation 2 built upon the foundations of Sega’s very first entry into Sega Ages 2500 which was also a remake of the first game in the series. This update not only brought along the aforementioned visual updates, but also additional characters, more challenges, the ability to save your game mid-dungeon, and also faster walking speeds.

Simply put this remake was a welcome addition to fans who were eager to replay the original - and thanks to Phantasy Star fan-site Phantasy Star Cave - English speaking audiences can also sample Sega’s efforts too. Phantasy Star Cave’s community efforts to translate the game into English have just been released online as a downloadable ISO. In order to play this, you’ll either need access to a modified PlayStation 2 or Hard Drive Loader setup, or instead an emulator such as PCSX2.

Phantasy Star Generation 2 (English Translation) Gameplay

Link: Phantasy Star Generation 2 (English Translation) Project



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