Introducing The Super Game Module - ColecoVision Gets An Upgrade- More Memory, Better SFX & Graphics

Introducing-The-Super-Game-Module-ColecoVision-Gets-An-Upgrade-More-Memory-Better-SFX-GraphicsReleased in 1982, it's a fair assessment to say that the ColecoVision lacks the processing power that other retro consoles from the late 80s harbour. In an attempt to rejuvenate and accelerate the iconic system, an electronic genius is set to release the Super Game Module - an expansion port add-on set to increase the console's RAM memory and sound capabilities.

This interesting development comes from none other than the ColecoVision homebrew extraordinaires Opcode Games, a company devoted to keeping Coleco's second generation console alive. Over the years they have released countless new games/remakes for the system including Space Invaders Collection, Magical Tree and Sky Jaguar.

The device if anything is an interesting one. Coleco were hoping to fight back against Mattel and Atari during their dominance, thus they began working on an official upgrade known as, funnily enough, the Super Game Module. This add-on was due to expand the ColecoVision to be 30 times more powerful than the Atari 2600, however, it sadly never saw release.

At least until now... Opcode Games have finally created their own version of what everyone's ColecoVision was waiting for back in the late 80s.

The Super Game Module if anything is Opcode Games' stepping stone to creating more advanced games for the ColecoVision that have never been seen before. Given it won't improve your existing collection of Coleco cartridges in-game, Opcode Games has a selection of upcoming releases planned for the Super Game Module with a brand new arcade port of Donkey Kong due for release soon.

The Super Game Module offers the following features:

  • Expands the ColecoVision main memory from 1KB to 32KB.
  • Doubles the console sound capacity.
  • When coupled with the new Super Game Cartridges, allows games of up to 1MB and allows any data (like high score tables) to be permanently saved.

What are the benefits of the Super Game Module:

  • Arcade ports that are direct-as-possible.
  • More complex graphics and animations on screen.
  • Improved music and sound effects.

ColecoVision Super Game Module in action running Donkey Kong

Pre-orders have just opened up for the Super Game Module, so if you're hoping to pack a bit more punch with your ColecoVision, be sure to head over to Opcode Games and take a look at this fantastic new device.

Link: Opcode Games' Super Game Module add-on for the ColecoVision

Last Updated ( 15 October 2012 )  


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