Introducing The Double Capacity Battery-Less Neo Geo AES & MVS Memory Card - 'NeoSaveMasta V2'

Introducing-The-Double-Capacity-Battery-Less-Neo-Geo-AES-MVS-Memory-Card--NeoSaveMasta-V2Sadly retro gamers today are faced with the never-ending battle against the diminishing power of battery backed save games. While a bit of solder and a fresh battery eliminates these problems, we do wonder if there is a much easier alternative. There is, however, a more permanent solution for Neo Geo AES and MVS owners.

Looking back it is easy to see why the likes of Nintendo, SNK and Sega opted to use a battery within their hardware to store our precious data. Not only was it a cheap method to ensure our games retained progress after the console's power was turned off, but it also offered this security for approximately a decade. With this in mind we are lead to the assumption that our beloved companies never really expected their titles to be played and loved so many years later. Unfortunately, this leaves us with an array of games in need of repair - RPGs especially.

Neo Geo gamers have much less to worry about on their hands. As the Neo Geo AES console was one of the first to adopt a memory card solution, albeit using a battery, it left behind just a single device in need of a power-revival. Knowing that all our problems could be solved with one slight change, a Neo Geo fanatic has created a battery-less memory card for the SNK consoles.

The NeoSaveMasta V2, as it is known, is actually the second iteration of this memory card solution. The first version of the memory card decided the solution to the on-going battery problem was best addressed with an on-board battery holder (as opposed to requiring a hardwired/soldered down battery every time it ran out). Version 2, however, has done away with batteries altogether, potentially bringing Neo Geo gamers a lifetime solution to saving their games.

The other thing worth mentioning about the NeoSaveMasta V2 is that it also sports a tiny switch at the top of the device. A quick flick of this switch will change the currently selected memory bank, allowing you to have twice as much space to store data.

For $40 you'll be able to get your hands on a NeoSaveMasta V2 including shipping. The device's creator is currently gauging demand, so should you be interested, head over to his post on the Neo-Geo forums and get in touch tosecure yours.

Link: NeoSaveMasta V2 - NeoGeo AES/MVS Memory Card

Last Updated ( 01 November 2012 )  


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