Infinite 1UP Glitch Discovered In Nintendo NES 'Super Mario Bros' Nearly Three Decades Later

Super-Mario-Bros-Infinite-Lives-GlitchAs bizarre as it sounds, new discoveries are still being made today with old video games. The latest of these amazing finds involves the timeless 1985 Nintendo platformer, Super Mario Bros, and a game manipulating bug that will leave Bowser furious and Princess Peach flustered.

Through a video recently uploaded to YouTube, it was proven that there's a trick within the game's code that allows you to collect an infinite amount of 1UPs halfway through the game. This near-thirty-years-later discovery requires that you start a two player game and get Mario's trusty brother working hard to pull it off.

First, you must first take player one's Mario to the second level of the game and throw away your first life. With Luigi taking over, player two must traverse all the way to World 5-2 and find the hidden beanstalk block halfway through the stage. Once there, Luigi must start climbing the vines, however, he must await - and take on the chin - an incoming projectile from one of the Hammer Bros. Upon being hit, once player one resumes control of Mario, the beanstalk from World 5-2 will start growing in World 1-2, providing all you need to infinitely kick shells for unlimited bonuses.

As these kind of tricks are often best seen rather than explained, take a look at the glitch in action below.

This is just one of the many other discoveries and cheats that have been found over the years - but which is your favourite?

Last Updated ( 16 June 2014 )  


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+2 (Link to this comment) ewjim 2014-06-16 18:07
Who even thinks to do this?! Mad!
+1 (Link to this comment) SaberRider 2014-06-16 19:42
Today I learned that if you beat the game once, all Goombas are replaced by Buzzy Beetles. So you have to beat the game once in order to do this glitch. But still, nice find!
(Link to this comment) BDHeath 2014-06-18 13:46
I was always a fan of World 3-1 right at the end, on the steps leading up to the flag, with the second turtle =)
(Link to this comment) RetroDanno 2014-06-18 23:39
Decided to see if this would work the same in the Super Mario Allstars version of the game.
Here's a video:

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