Infamous Nintendo NES Anti-Heroes The Cheetahmen Return In An Overpriced Limited Edition Repro

Infamous-Nintendo-NES-Anti-Heroes-The-Cheetahmen-Return-In-An-Overpriced-Limited-Edition-ReproThe Cheetahmen II was an unreleased title prior to 1996, until a warehouse full of unwanted cartridges housing the abysmal Nintendo NES were discovered. While many would argue this game should have remained locked up and undiscovered, some think otherwise. The team behind the horrific title seem to have returned along with the Cheetahmen.

The first appearance from the Cheetahmen was on Active Enterprises' unofficial NES multi-cartridge known as the Action 52. This was meant to be a revolutionary addition to any gamers library, featuring a massive fifty two different games for the small price of a few games. Unfortunately, to confirm what most of you are probably thinking right now, this cartridge was flooded with fifty one abysmal titles and one stand out title which became known for all the wrong reasons.

This title was The Cheetahmen, a team of protagonist Cheetahs better equipped than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who were meant to take Active Enterprises to a whole new level of video game stardom. Unfortunately for the ambitious games company, the development skills of the team fell rather short of the mark leaving the Cheetahmen in video game hell. Since release, the first Cheetahmen game on the Action 52 and the warehouse discovery of the sequel have both become famous for all the wrong reasons- spawning plenty of amusing reviews.

Welcome Back Active Enterprises...

That's right, a prototype version of the Cheetahmen under the title Cheetahmen: The Creation, which was first discovered on a prototype Action 52 cartridge (under the title "Action Gamer"), is about to be immortalised in a reproduction cartridge. But as if the saga of this infamous game couldn't get any more ridiculous, well brace yourself... The regular edition of the reproduction is priced up at $199 with limited edition arriving at a shocking $499.

What justifies these costs we will never know. Given the majority of reproductions out there sit around the $40 mark, there better be something else included with that cost. Luckily for those investing in the limited edition, there is (somewhat). Two copies of the game (One to play, should you really want to and one to keep sealed), a poster, reproduction of the Cheetahmen comic which appeared in the Action 52 box, Cheetahmix CD, t-shirt, extra game box and a collector's box.

Like yourselves, we're just as puzzled if this is one elaborate joke on the Nintendo NES community or a very poor business decision from those who seem to be just as deluded by the Cheetahmen as they were back in the nineties. But all things considered, we have to admit we would wear that t-shirt with pride.

Link: Buy Cheetahmen The Creation from Active Enterprises
Source: Gamesetwatch 

Last Updated ( 16 November 2011 )  


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+1 (Link to this comment) Magical Trevor 2011-11-16 22:09
Just one comment really.............


People are always finding things like this in 'warehouses' and containers long abandoned. Where I would love to know! Though even if someone did know, they wouldn't answer!

Also, the game music will haunt you forever!!!
(Link to this comment) orkney 2011-11-17 01:32
Oh dear :D
(Link to this comment) Nintastic 2011-11-17 16:19
Put my name down for two ..................................NOT ! :D
(Link to this comment) Miketendo 2011-11-18 02:19
Dear lord...that is a ridiculous price for a reproduction cart.

btw, i'll just leave this here
+1 (Link to this comment) Darkstalker90 2011-11-18 11:29
Thing is, I bet some people will buy this. Y'know, super hardcore NES collectors who have to own everything, even an overpriced cash-in on the legacy of one of the most notoriously bad and rare NES games out there. I mean, people pay for the regular Cheetahmen II carts and Action 52 and they aren't exactly cheap either.

Surely the most bizarre resurrection of recent times? Would make more sense on April 1st if I'm being honest!

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