Independent Game Developer Retro Sumus Cancel ‘Xenocider’ Kickstarter Campaign


Independent video game developer Retro Sumus has cancelled their Kickstarter campaign six days early with the understanding that they would not be reaching their initial goal of $92,000. This is especially unfortunate as Xenocider was supposed to be one of the first 3D arcade games released for the Sega Dreamcast in at least a decade. Many people in the retro gaming community felt that the financial target that Retro Sumus were trying to meet was fairly high and their worries were proved right with news of this cancellation.

In the updates section of the Xenocider Kickstarter page, the developers explain their reasons for cancelling the project and also mention that they will not be giving up on the game. The Retro Sumus Kickstarter page states, “We are cancelling the campaign today. We will keep working on alternative ways of making it happen, because we love our project and are deeply proud of what we were (and still are) intending to create.” This is important as it sounds like Retro Sumus are going to do everything in their power to get the game made and into the hands of gamers.

Overall, this is a tough blow for the retro gaming community. Even though the crowdfunding financial target was quite high, the pledge amounts for the rewards seemed very reasonable. A pledger could get a digital version of the game on PC for $20, which is not a bad price when comparing it to their goal. But as it stands now, it does not seem like Xenocider will be getting a release until the developer cuts the cost of game production or finds a way to get more backers.

Source: 'Xenocider' Kickstarter Page by Retro Sumus

Last Updated ( 03 June 2016 )  


+1 (Link to this comment) Noobsaibot21 2016-06-03 15:19
Thats disappointing. I was rather excited by this :(

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