IK+ Predecessor 'International Karate' Unofficially Ported To The Commodore Amiga

IK-Predecessor-International-Karate-Unofficially-Ported-To-The-Commodore-AmigaIf you grew up with an Amiga, without a doubt you will have fought your way through System 3's fantastic International Karate +. While its predecessor may have skipped release on Commodore's powerhouse and headed over to the rival platform, the Atari ST, one talented programmer has ported this karateka brawler back to the Amiga.

Both of Archer MacLean's fighters had the makings of timeless classics. The precise controls using just a single buttoned joystick combined with fluid player animation goes to show how far programmers were able to push gaming hardware back then.

While it is unknown as to why the original Commodore 64 version of International Karate never made its way onto the Amiga, it could be assumed that the lawsuit which hampered the game's US outing could be to blame.

Nevertheless, French Amiga developer Meynaf has quietly been converting plenty of old home computer classics over to the Commodore platform. The arrival of International Karate on the Amiga from the Atari ST port also joins his previous efforts such as Heroes of Might and Magic II (from the PC), Gauntlet 1 (from the ST), Joust (from the ST) and Super Sprint (from the ST).

Meynaf has made these ports available to download for free from his personal website. But be warned that they do, however, need a prior understanding of the Commodore Amiga system to be run - extracting LZX archives onto an Amiga hard drive.

International Karate (Gameplay Video)

Link: Download International Karate for the Commodore Amiga

Last Updated ( 31 March 2013 )  


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(Link to this comment) Thermoptic 2013-03-31 12:24
This is amazing! I never liked IK+ because it forced you to play with three characters on the screen.. i never understood this. Thats why i always preferred "International Karater" (with two characters, 1vs1 as it should be) instead of IK+. So its great that its been ported to the Amiga!
(Link to this comment) Lord_Santa 2013-04-01 05:58
although I prefer Way of the Exploding Fist - I still have always appreciated the International Karate games and it's great to see this one ported to the Amiga
still though, I kinda wish it would have the IK+ sprites, rather than these (unless that is the case?), since I always preferred the simplicity of the originals on the Commodore 64 and IK+ for the Amiga did a splendid job porting them

glad to see the Amiga still kicking, however - especially in porting Atari games over, since there's a few exclusives on that computer which didn't make it to the Amiga (IIRC)

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