HuCast Games Release 'Alice's Mom's Rescue' On Sega Dreamcast

Alices-Moms-Rescue-Released-For-Sega-DreamcastDespite only being announced last month without a release date in sight, HuCast Games have already put their latest Dreamcast homebrew title on sale. Alice's Mom's Rescue is the first homebrew release for Sega's 128-bit console this year, an expansive platformer with a traditional pixel-art style - one which is now available to buy in both standard and limited editions.

With 3 worlds spanning 25 stages of platforming action, Alice's Mom's Rescue is the homebrew release Dreamcast gamers have been waiting for. Arriving as one of the few non-scrolling-shooter aftermarket releases for Sega's console, this all new adventure will have you rekindled with plenty of platform gaming memories from yesteryear. From falling platforms to pushable blocks, coloured keys and locks, Alice's Mom's Rescue will once again challenge you with its sky high scenarios and deep dark chasms.

Already available for both PC and Android, the newly arriving Sega Dreamcast version comes in two flavours - Standard and Limited Edition. The more expensive of the two is limited to just 300 copies worldwide, coming bundled with an original soundtrack CD. Both versions of the game are region free and will run on any Dreamcast worldwide, along with added compatibility for VGA output too.

Alice's Mom's Rescue (Sega Dreamcast) Trailer

Link: Buy Alice's Mom's Rescue Limited Edition (Sega Dreamcast)

Link: Buy Alice's Mom's Rescue Standard Edition (Sega Dreamcast)

Source: Mo5

Last Updated ( 15 February 2015 )  


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(Link to this comment) Space_turnip 2015-02-15 17:24
It's a bit simple, but it's hooked my girlfriend - and the controls are at least much tighter than the touch controls were. Start to a great year for DC releases, roll on Slave!
(Link to this comment) Ultrapro 2015-02-17 08:17
Whats slave mate? I havent heard of that one
(Link to this comment) Ultrapro 2015-02-17 08:16
Bought a copy and received it quickly, its a nice game but incredibly simple, while I'm sure many people may disagree I think 50+ eur for a game like this is a joke. I got volgarr the viking for free on xbox live, retail was 9.99. I cant help but feel that the Dreamcast community is being taken for a ride of late by hucast. Especially after they posted an ad for a dreamcast port coder for ghost blade 2 weeks ago that was scheduled to release in 2013. When I asked them to explain what it was about either way they proceeded to block me, makes people worry even more. Anyway its a nice basic but fun little game, overpriced but dreamcast nuts like me won't care and will just buy it anyway...
(Link to this comment) Space_turnip 2015-02-17 11:50
Can't disagree with it being simple, but it certainly helps that in my house we have a DC collector and an Alice in Wonderland collector, so for me and the girlfriend, it's awesome. It is after all just a nice but cheap Android game, converted to the DC, and the cost is probably just a tad too much (at least for the limited edition). I played the android version before so I knew it wasn't going to be Sturmwind levels of amazement. Slave by the way is this: looks very promising!
(Link to this comment) Ultrapro 2015-02-17 17:11
Im just annoyed at the way they've handled ghost blade and now they've actually blocked me from posting on their Facebook. Surely a smarter solution, even if it were a white lie, would be to just reply saying "we had a developer working on the port but he left so we are looking for a replacement " now they've jusy stirred up a hornets nest. I dont think the hardcore dreamcast community should be lied to and taken the piss out of but thats just me.

I'll check that game out thanks for the link!!
(Link to this comment) Loch and Quay 2015-02-18 18:08
Ultrapro, if you take a look at the Kickstarter page for Hucast's Re:Dux: Dark Matters, you'll see a lot of unhappy people who were messed about by the company. They're unprofessional and unapproachable in the extreme. I'd say buy their products or don't, they don't 'do' communication.

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