Happy 25th Anniversary To The Nintendo Game Boy

Game-Boy-25th-BirthdayTwenty five years ago today, Japanese gamers would soon be waking up to a day like no other, one where the term ‘handheld gaming’ was about to be born. The Nintendo Game Boy had arrived, promising pocket Mario adventures along with other portable NES-like experiences on the go. And as they say, the rest is history.

North American gamers wouldn’t see the Game Boy for another few months until the 31st of July 1989, however, it was the Europeans that found themselves longing for this advanced technology - something that wouldn’t be seen until the 28th September 1990.

For the Western launch of the Game Boy, the portable hardware came equipped with one of the most successful video game releases of all time, and one that pushed sales of the handheld through the roof. This of course, was Tetris, the highly addictive block pushing rotating puzzle which had gamers worldwide longing for line blocks.

Over the years the Game Boy’s success was clear to see for all, and Nintendo’s rivals soon wanted in on the action. Not too long after Sega had released the hardware-superior Game Gear, Atari fought back with the Lynx, Watara/Quickshot introduced the Supervision, Bitcorp produced the Gamate, and Timlex oddly brought along their handheld known as the Mega Duck.

Needless to say gamers worldwide were hooked on the Game Boy due to its amazing games, long lasting battery power and simplicity. While today’s handheld gaming may be a long way from what we all started with, at least we all know that the 8-bit monochrome handheld from April 21st 1989 is what gave birth to many of the gaming experiences we know and love today.

So tell us - when did you first power up your pocket with a Nintendo Game Boy? What were your favourite titles and why?

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(Link to this comment) Mariomad86 2014-04-23 08:13
Wow has it been that long I'm getting old. Mine still works fine like it did the day I bought it! Happy birthday gameboy
(Link to this comment) crypto135 2014-04-23 20:35
I 1st learnt of the existence of the game boy from an article on going live one Saturday morning, it was a good 6 months or so later when it was released . My 1st go on one was a display model in woolworths. It was a game called tetris . i never thought for a second that i would still be playing it regularly a quarter of a century later .
It was about 2 years i got one and would swap games with school friends. i had one of those cheap leather covers for it which made it look like i was carrying a 80s filo fax or mobile phone which i would sneak into my school bag. It was a great little console any long car trip or scout camp i would always make sure i had fresh batteries .
(Link to this comment) erack 2014-04-26 09:53
It was My 6th birthday in 1992 when i got the gameboy with tetris and a super nintendo with super mario world i was used to play master system games so i was really blown away to get an almost identical experience on the small screen
also my mom was hooked to :D

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