Handmade NES Clone 'Super 8-Bit' Enhances The Nintendo Experience

Nintendo-NES-Clone-Super-8-BitWe've all seen the surge of clone consoles that have flooded the markets over the last few years, but do any of them really come close to the real thing? From audio differences to incompatibility issues, most of the time you're better off finding the original machines to get the best experience - or are you? The newly revised Super 8-Bit is a NES compatible system built from scratch by hand, capable of playing nearly any game from Nintendo's back catalogue along with added functionality for RGB output, Famicom Disk System compatibility, and much more.

Using the original CPU and PPU chips from the original hardware, the Super 8-bit promises to not only match the Nintendo NES at what it does best, but also add to it with a selection of new features. Offering switchable colour pallettes for improved visuals, RGB output at 240p and S-Video connections, a bonus 15-pin Famicom expansion connector, and also support for auxiliary audio input from cartridges, the Super 8-bit if anything may be the definitive Nintendo NES for enthusiasts.

But at $470 per console, you may be wondering why it's worth getting one of these over a much cheaper clone console. As many of you will know, the cheaply made NES-on-a-chip systems rely on a poorly designed ASIC chip that not only produces glitched audio output and struggles to boot many games, nevermind certain accessories and controllers not working with them either. While the original system will no doubt suit most peoples needs, the Nintendo NES nutcases will no doubt get a lot of milage out of this hand-made machine.

Nintendo NES Clone Super 8-Bit Demonstration

Super 8-Bit v2.5 Features

  • Dual cartridge slots allow playing games from any region.
  • Compatible with 99.8 of the entire NES and Famicom 8 bit library.
  • Two original NES controller ports and 15 pin Famicom expansion connector have all pins wired for compatibility with all known accessories (some require a CRT television.)
  • Designed to work with Viletim's NESRGB and original console PPU.
  • Composite video, s-video, and 240p RGB video outputs with stereo sound.
  • A/V multi-out connector is pin-compatible with any Genesis 2 A/V cable; standard s-video and RCA connectors are used to eliminate the need for proprietary cables.
  • Three selectable color palettes: original, improved, and arcade.
  • New cartridge connectors with no lockout chip, so any game with a clean connector will work every time.
  • Adjustable hi-fi stereo sound circuit supports auxiliary audio input from game cartridges.
  • Three-piece 14 gauge aluminum powder coated case.
  • Efficient switching 1.5A regulator provides plenty of power to system and accessories.
  • Firmware updates are completely unnecessary with the Super 8.
  • Notes: The microphone originally built into controller 2 of the Famicom and utilized by some early Famicom games is not supported.
  • The Super 8 outputs true stereo sound. If preferred, mono audio can be obtained by using a RCA audio Y cable.
  • Video is output in 60Hz NTSC format only.

What's included?

  • Complete hand-assembled and tested Super 8 bit system with latest v2.5 motherboard.
  • RP2A03G CPU chip pre-installed.
  • NESRGB installed with RP2C02G PPU chip
  • 12v AC-DC power adapter.

Link: Super 8-Bit at Tindie

Last Updated ( 24 December 2014 )  


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(Link to this comment) Welshwuff 2014-12-25 18:29
without a 50hz mode though, my PAL games wouldnt run at the right speed wouldnt they? :/
(Link to this comment) Claeris 2014-12-26 14:38
ooooooh that price... if it weren't for that, I'd love to have one just for FDS and the RGB. I'd love to get into FDS collecting.
(Link to this comment) sdekaar 2014-12-27 09:55
90% of the pal games are just the ntsc version in 50hrz.
(Link to this comment) Galgomite 2014-12-28 22:47
Gotta say, they gambled and lost on the unique design. If you don't prefer the classic NES design (and I can't imagine why), see Analogue Interactive's far better looking NES for roughly the same inflated price.
(Link to this comment) Dreamcaster-X 2015-01-02 23:30
Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. The Analogue NT is a sleek looking device but my true love is the 16 & 32 bit era. I came close to ordering one but I just don't play alot of the 8 bit stuff anymore. If Analogue ever made a SNES I would find it hard to resist.

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