Halloween Trailer Released For Upcoming Potential Winter Leak Of Prototype Resident Evil 1.5 ISO

Halloween-Trailer-Released-For-Upcoming-Potential-Winter-Leak-Of-Prototype-Resident-Evil-1-5-ISORemember when we touched upon the promising developments regarding the unreleased and unfinished version of Resident Evil 2 dubbed 'Resident Evil 1.5'? Well the tricked out PlayStation 1 prototype is proving to be a real treat for retro gamers, especially after a new video was uploaded to YouTube showcasing the game in action in its entirety, bundled with a suggested winter release.

If you're only just tuning into this epidemic and wondering why we're all dragging our heels around like an infected horde, a unnamed group has somehow gotten hold of the unfinished and scrapped version of Capcom's follow up to their survival horror hit. Combined efforts have seen the prototype code being carefully reconstructed to the point where these individuals are picking up where Capcom left off - potentially gifting gamers the adventure that was left behind some time around 1996. Check out our in depth analysis of the project for further information.

The ever-quiet group behind this Capcom prototype has rarely spoken a word during the entire Resident Evil 1.5 saga. This anonymity has lead to constant speculation, debate, discussion and arguments, all of which are somewhat understandable give the topic at hand. Resident Evil 1.5 is potentially the biggest kept secret from retro gamers and Resident Evil fans worldwide - one we may have our hands on in a matter of weeks.

This recent video upload demonstrates the game being run from the initial Sony PlayStation bios screen before leading into five minutes of unfinished terror. But the most important part of this video is the ending frame saying "This holiday season...".

Resident Evil 1.5 Prototype Teaser Release Trailer

Be sure to check out the YouTube page for the uploaded video, for it holds a selection of screenshots and more information on this elusive and highly desirable prototype video game.

Link: Resident Evil 1.5 Prototype Teaser Trailer on YouTube

Last Updated ( 01 November 2012 )  


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(Link to this comment) Tinsair 2012-11-01 14:13
What a Christmas treat this could be! Lets hope it's the real deal, after all these years of waiting :-)
(Link to this comment) Tyron 2012-11-02 09:30
Holy crap. 10+ years of waiting and it's getting even closer. Fingers crossed over the next few months.
(Link to this comment) DoYouRemember 2012-11-02 15:58
Were those...gorillas? RE1.5 what do you have up your sleeve? At least I know what I'm looking forward to on my birthday/Christmas.
(Link to this comment) KeiDash 2012-11-04 11:39
Who is the boy that public the videos? Some info?

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