GCW-Zero - Open Source Retro Gaming Handheld Now Available Via Kickstarter

GCW-Zero-Open-Source-Retro-Gaming-Handheld-Now-Available-Via-KickstarterLast year we brought your attention to a brand new retro gaming handheld in development known as the GCW-Zero. This open-source device promising fantastic emulation and homebrew offerings is now ready to be massed produced - should the demand be met on Kickstarter.

While the team behind the GCW-Zero are able to produce a small quantity of units without the need of Kickstarter, they've very much hoping to gather enough interest and desire to justify the manufacturing of larger quantities. This dream belonging to the GCW-Zero team will materialise should they manage to secure $130,000 within a month.

So what can the GCW-Zero do then? This all new open-source handheld running on a modified version of Linux 3.5, which is already capable of emulating just about every retro game console around, including the more powerful Sony PlayStation too and earlier home computers. Alongside our beloved consoles, a wide range of PC games are running at full speed on the device such as Duke Nukem 3D and Quake. The handheld also comes equipped with shoulder buttons, an analog stick and the familiar button layout you need to get your gaming fix.

GCW-Zero Preview and Demonstration at Kickstarter

Link: GCW-Zero - Open Source Retro Gaming Handheld at Kickstarter

Last Updated ( 09 January 2013 )  


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(Link to this comment) iPhil91 2013-01-09 22:27
hmm , this is interesting but if you have a psp hacked then your already good to go...
(Link to this comment) thall72 2013-01-10 03:15
Quoting iPhil91:
hmm , this is interesting but if you have a psp hacked then your already good to go...

...and a lot of folks don't...so thank god for devices like this! :)
(Link to this comment) qbertaddict1 2013-01-11 06:36
Quoting iPhil91:
hmm , this is interesting but if you have a psp hacked then your already good to go...

No your not. The emulators on the PSP are a joke they are no where near as accurate and as fast as the GCW's emulators. Trust me I have a both. SNES is a good example. Using speed hacks is not needed on the GCW. Also the homebrew scene on the PSP is almost non-existant. There are already a great deal of hombrew titles being released for the GCW. The controls are much better as well. The d-pad is a real d-pad instead of a split d-pad and the analog nub actually responds much better. And the best point of all is that you dont have to install custom firmware to enjoy homebrew and emulators.
(Link to this comment) Blast123 2013-01-10 04:06
The PSP scene is dead, gone, and forgotten. There are virtually NO updates to any of the great emulators. The potential of the PSP is over.

The GCW Zero runs a variant of Open Dingux, the O/S found on the Dingoo handhelds. It has an active community, great emulation support, and some really fun homebrew projects. The PSP can only take you so far, the GCW Zero is in a position to go much further. The devs are already discussing the possibility of PS1 and N64 emulation.

Don't get me wrong, I love my PSP, but this will be one handheld to keep an eye on. A Dingoo-like handheld made by gamers for gamers.
(Link to this comment) Wizbiscuit 2013-01-10 16:16
Also the PSP was the must uncomfortable device I have ever used... Oooo how Locoroco used to hurt ya hands :)

I am a sucker for these, but they always leave you wanting, I like my Caanoo but hardly use it, does not sound like this will be any better...
(Link to this comment) ArugulaZ 2013-01-14 06:24
Did you mean "the Playstation 2," or "the Playstation, as well?" Because if it could run PS2 games, that would really be impressive!

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