From Bedrooms to Billions - Upcoming Documentary On The Rise Of The UK Games Industry

From-Bedrooms-to-Billions-Upcoming-Documentary-On-The-Rise-Of-The-UK-Games-IndustryHopefully you managed to sit down and watch The Indie Game Movie by now, which should have left you with a taste for even more classic gaming documentaries. From Bedrooms to Billions, a documentary currently seeking funding, hopes to explore and unravel the rise of the UK Games Industry's most pivotal time between 1979 and 1996.

The documentary is set to closely look at the rise of bedroom coders which were fueled by creativity as opposed to commercial gain. Industry veterans such as Jon Hare, Matthew Smith, Archer Maclean, Jeff Minter, The Pickford Bros, and the Oliver Twins are all hopefully set to make an appearance in the upcoming film to discuss their impressive past on camera.

From Bedrooms to Billions wants to archive this important time in history for many reasons. Not only is it a crucial time in video game history which deserves to be immortalised, but also one which the vast majority of youth hoping to enter the games industry are unaware of. While we here at RetroCollect are smitten with the video game offerings gifted from Japan and America, we can't help but agree that the UK's gaming past is often overshadowed by a certain blue hedgehog and Italian plumber.

From Bedrooms to Billions Teaser Trailer

Their on going fundraiser over at IndieGoGo is hoping to generate $35,000 by 17th July. So should you have been influenced in any way by the wealth of homegrown software from the UK all those years ago, be sure to head over to make your pledge.

Link: From Bedrooms to Billions on IndieGoGo

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(Link to this comment) orkney 2012-06-27 01:41
I was certainly influenced by the UK gaming industry - spending a ridiculous amount of time on the old C64, reading Zzap, and introducing me to a wonderful thing called piracy (well tape/floppy copying/trading). I might donate but not really seeing why they need the $35,000? "The Video Game Years" on is covering 1979 now and they've not needed this kind of money, nor did the bedroom coders who are the subject of this proposed docu.

Maybe Im being a little harsh though. I'll read it again/watch again tomorrow before deciding to donate :-)
(Link to this comment) Tyron 2012-06-27 11:32
I agree with orkney. $35,000 does seem a lot. But I suppose when you take into account the number of hours put in my research, presenters, meetings, editing etc it could well amount to $35,000.

I'd like to know a bit more before donating.

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