Football Manager 13 Goes Back To Its Retro Championship Manager Roots

football-manager-13-goes-back-to-its-retro-championship-manager-rootsRevealed today by Miles Jacobson the Studio Director for SI Games, Football Manager 13 will include a new "Classic" mode, for those who wish to get the FM experience but don't have the time for a full in depth game. In essence it will offer all the core gameplay, that can be found in the old Championship Manager games.

This means the new time consuming elements like press conferences and drawn out contract negotiations will be kept aside for those wanting the retro experience. Miles did announce this feature has been added due to fan feedback and by members of the SI team having too many life commitments to play the game fully.

In my personal opinion, this feature has come around due the 25th anniversary of the Championship Manager/Football Manager series and also the renewed interest from gamers who have left the series, but are now returning after the success of the "Football Manager Stole My Life" book. Not yet confirmed, but previously rumored is the release of the 25th anniversary version of FM13. This could be a classic PC Big Box release filled with goodies.

For current fans there is a whole range of additions to FM13, most noteworthy so far, along side the addition of Classic Mode, is the Challenge Mode, as previously seen in the Handheld versions of FM. New staff roles, including Director Of Football, revamped training and loan modules, updated User Interface, and for the extreme FM players, accurate tax modelling for all nations in the game.

Football Manager 2013 Announcement Press Conference

Last Updated ( 06 September 2012 )  

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