First Look At Retro Game Emulation On The JXD S7300B Android Gaming Handheld

First-Look-At-Retro-Game-Emulation-On-The-JXD-S7300B-Android-Gaming-HandheldLast month we took a quick glance at the newly released Chinese Android handheld gaming system, the JXD S7300B. Our early impressions had us dubbing the system as a suitable retro gaming handheld, something we're now able to see for ourselves. With gamers adopting the system, videos of the device in action have surfaced.

If you're only just tuning in to our love for Android based devices, the operating system allows you to emulate countless retro gaming consoles and handhelds. While most of these emulators were originally written for touch screen devices, there are several systems out there such as the Sony Xperia Play and JXD S7300B which feature an on board D-Pad and gaming buttons.

So how does this new piece of technology hold up? Take a look for yourself - Sony PlayStation, Super Nintendo, Neo Geo and Nintendo 64 games can be seen running on the devices using the on-board controls.

Retro gaming emulation on the JXD S7300B

If you're anything like us though, you're still probably feeling sceptical  Well luckily enough, one dedicated YouTube user has uploaded a full 32 minute long review of the device.

JXD S7300B Review

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Last Updated ( 11 February 2013 )  


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(Link to this comment) Megatrons_Fury 2013-02-12 01:29
Its a lovely bit of kit and the size of the screen plus the d-pad and twin analogue sticks make it seem fantastic.

My main concern is the problem many units have with the right analogue stick although some forum people say its easily fixed, then again others say you have to crack the case to fix it.

The emulators that will eventually come once the VITA is opened up properly should end up being the best way to play retro stuff without damaging your originals etc, the psp was great but the raw processing power of the Vita should make it the obvious winner plus the homebrew community over there is hard core they tweak everything constantly.

If this piece of kit ends up being 60-80 quid on Amazon at some point and im feeling particularly flush then im sure i will eventually pick one up though, who cant say yes to a new shiny toy eh?
(Link to this comment) Wizbiscuit 2013-02-12 08:51
I just use a PS3 pad via Blue Tooth on my Samsung Tab 10', and honestly its the best way I have found of playing emu stuff, freaking fantastic, I got one on of the Archos Gamepad's things and it is total junk, only lasted a week before phantom screen presses made it unusable, been back at Archos now for best part of a month, and the support is terrible...

If this is sub £100 though I guess it would be worth a punt...

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