Final European PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable Game Released Today - PES 2014

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 PS2Sony's PlayStation 2 might have been discontinued earlier this year and their PlayStation Portable long been superseded by the PlayStation Vita in Europe, but there was still the occasional new game for both systems. Today marks the ends of this their era though with the final European release hitting the market - Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.

Yes, yet more systems end their lifespan with a final sports title, but for once it is not the FIFA series but Konami's PES. It is not exactly the swansong we were hoping for, but these releases are a testament to the longevity of both systems. Even with over 155 million PlayStation 2 and 75 million PlayStation Portable systems sold worldwide though, it's still a bit of a surprise to see the final game being released an incredible 13 years and 8 years after launch respectively. What might be even more surprising however is that almost no other games were released between this year's and last year's iteration of the series. On the PlayStation 2 there were in fact no releases besides FIFA 14 and the PlayStation Portable only saw the extremely limited release of Elminage Original and the late 2012 release Phineas & Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension join FIFA 14. If you are interested in buying these milestone games your best bet will be Amazon as few retailers are stocking these. If you live in the UK though, you will have to wait another day for their release.

Link: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (Sony PlayStation 2/Portable) on Amazon

Last Updated ( 07 November 2013 )  


(Link to this comment) Gear For Games 2013-11-07 16:14
Mine is in the post!
(Link to this comment) JokerJur 2013-11-07 23:31
One wonders if these are going to sell for stupendous prices in 30 years!
(Link to this comment) DaveBeta 2013-11-08 16:13
For £20, it's hardly a loss if it doesn't.
(Link to this comment) Liamh1982 2013-11-08 17:13
I may have actually made an extra special effort to buy the PS2 version if I hadn't already bought it for the 360.

End of an era and all that...
(Link to this comment) Gear For Games 2013-11-11 16:19
Just got mine through the post. It's a keeper! I can wait. Just look at the last Saturn, already highly collectable.

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