Ex-Sega Employee Reveals Working 'Sega Pluto' Prototype (Saturn With Built-In NetLink)

Ex-Sega-Employee-Reveals-Working-Sega-Pluto-Prototype-Saturn-With-Built-In-NetLinkWhile we're all familiar with the unreleased Sega Nepture, a Mega Drive and 32X combined into one, the Sega Pluto is one of the lesser known unfinished items. This one in particular was a Saturn console with the internet-ready hardware, the NetLink, built in. Although it was never mass produced, one ex-Sega employee has just stepped forward to showcase a working prototype.

This recent outlook on a piece of previously undiscovered Sega history has been provided by a user of the AssemblerGames forums known as Super Magnetic. Having sat on this priceless Sega artefact for nearly 14 years, he felt it was about time the community marvelled upon this unique piece of kit. Funnily enough his introductory post has us led to believe he was once a colleague of the other generous user who provided the retro gaming masses with a playable version of the unreleased Sega Dreamcast game Geist Force.

Within Super Magnetic's forum post, various pictures of the Sega Pluto can be seen, along with a photograph of the device running the Sega Saturn BIOS on screen. The console bears little resemblance to the original Sega Saturn unit, with the only familiar feature present being the rear cartridge slot for the Backup Memory cards.

According to Sega Retro there is only two prototype Sega Pluto units out there, however, whether or not this one is accounted for is unknown.

Update: It would appear that the other Sega Pluto is alive and well. Its owner, not too long after arrival of this first unit, decided to post a video online of his in action.

Link: Auction at Game Gavel

Link: Sega Pluto Pictures at AssemblerGames


Last Updated ( 25 May 2019 )  


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(Link to this comment) KoolioMcB 2013-04-17 22:42
The only thing thats twisting my melon about this is how come it says Saturn when it was called Pluto unless that was the project name. Still something like this belongs in some sort of gaming museum.
(Link to this comment) Arcturius 2013-04-22 21:41
Sega at the time were code naming all their consoles after the planets

Mercury = Game Gear
Venus = Nomad
Mars = Sega 32X
Jupiter = Abandoned Cart-based 32-bit system
Saturn = Saturn
Neptune = 32X/Mega Drive combo unit
Pluto = Saturn prototype unit with built in NetLink
(Link to this comment) suzzopher 2013-04-18 09:43
I have to have this.
(Link to this comment) Nintastic 2013-04-18 20:22
Is it just me ...... it doesnt half remind me of a neo geo console ?!

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