Ex-Psygnosis Musician Tim Wright To Release 'Strix Memoria' Re-Imagined Commodore Amiga Compositions

Ex-Psygnosis-Musician-Tim-Wrigh-To-Release-Strix-Memoria-Re-Imagined-Commodore-Amiga-CompositionsWhile the loss of Psygnosis may have been hard to stomach for retro gamers, it would appear that their closure has also had an affect on its former employees too.Composer Tim Wright is rekindling his triumphant past by releasing a collection of re-imagined Amiga scores on a collectable USB stick.

Tim Wright joined Psygnosis in the late 80s and created countless compositions for the likes of Puggsy, Awesome, The Killing Game Show, Shadow of the Beast 2 and even Lemmings. Having left the studio in 1997, Tim continued to create many more video game soundtracks for a wide range of systems.

In his spare time, however, Tim prefers to be referred to by his solo-musican alias 'CoLD SToRAGE'. Under this pseudonym, Tim has produced many albums a step away from his video game day job, with the occasional tribute to his past work - for example, Slipstream, a re-imagining of his Wipeout compositions.

The newest album to hit the CoLD SToRAGE line up is Strix Memoria, a very much overdue Psygnosis Tribute Album, featuring tracks from the iconic Commodore Amiga days. Instead of releasing this album as a standard digital download or audio CD, Tim has created a unique and very desirable Psygnosis Owl 4GB USB memory stick which will contain the many tracks listed on this compilation.

Strix Memoria Audio Sample


  1. SOTB 2 Level 2 Part 3
  2. SOTB 3 Castle
  3. SOTB 2 Title Theme
  4. SOTB 2 Fire
  5. LEMMINGS Four
  6. LEMMINGS Three
  7. AGONY Title Theme
  8. LEANDER World One
  9. MICROCOSM Level 1
  10. AWESOME Three
  13. AWESOME Five
  14. AWESOME One
  15. SOTB 2 Level 3 Part 1
  16. MAGICIANS CASTLE Title Theme
  17. AWESOME Six
  18. PUGGSY Unreleased Track
  19. AQUAVENTURA Guardian
  20. MAGICIANS CASTLE Castle Area 2
  23. AWESOME Four
  25. LEMMINGS Two

Up until the 31st January, Strix Memoria can be pre-ordered for £24.99 + P&P.

Link: CoLD SToRAGE's Strix Memoria

Source: Mo5

Last Updated ( 08 January 2013 )  


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