Epic Arcade Project: Real Arcade With Real Video Games Coming Soon

Epic-Arcade-Project-A-Real-Arcade-With-Real-Video-Games-Coming-SoonRegular readers will know of my adoration of 'real' video game arcades and how I long to step back into one, retake my lost youth, climb to the top of the high score table  and relive some of the greatest games ever written. If you don't, then by all means have a look at another article I wrote some time ago about the subject.

Epic Arcade Project is currently using Kickstarter to fund the idea of bringing the now lost experience of arcade gaming back to the masses. According to the countdown on their website, in a matter of just over 31 weeks we could finally be rekindled with the coin-op days from yesteryear.

Here is an extract from their latest press release detailing this promising project:

"Epic Arcade Project aims to launch a classic videogaming arcade in the United Kingdom similar to those that are already established in Japan, offering all the classic games of yesteryear as well as a selection of new games. It is not just ‘another mediocre’ videogame arcade, but one that will create a legacy which showcases the greatness of arcades from the 70s through to the 90s.

Epic Arcade Project is located in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, since it is a flourishing tourist spot that can attract gamers from all over the globe as well as local residents. The main objective of Epic Arcade Project is to reignite the passion and social aspect of arcades reflective in previous decades as well as to encourage and promote similar endeavors throughout the world."

This idea is not a new one, as it has already happened in the USA. For a modest entrance fee you can enter an authentic arcade, seemingly pulled from 1985 and play until your eyes bleed - all the machines are on free play. The cabinets are the genuine article covering a wide range of genres all restored to their former glory, and it looks a lot like they are going to finally do it over here in the UK.

Link: Epic Arcade Project

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I am the original first generation. I wandered in to an arcade in the late 70’s and never really got over it. I don’t have a favourite system but I do have a lot of favourite games and spend most of my spare time playing and writing about them. On sunny days you could find me outside, but only if my longboard is with me.

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(Link to this comment) adam763 2012-12-13 20:15
Gah..! Edinburgh..? Scotland..? Still far, far, far too far away for me..!! :sad:
(Link to this comment) Olly023 2012-12-14 10:42
Looks like i have a reason to trek on up to Edinburgh now!

Make it an epic arcade adventure.
(Link to this comment) mickylynch9 2012-12-14 18:57
I've already told the girlfriend we're making a trip over next July for the weekend.

Thankfully she loves Edinburgh :)
(Link to this comment) Lano 2012-12-26 09:56
If you find yourself in Prague, Czech Republic, be sure to visit http://arcadehry.cz/index.php?str=30
It is an arcade opened 2 years ago . Got a lot of publicity here. Managed by a team of 3 enthusiast , they got over 100 old arcade machines available among them some unique games. They usually buy a non working machine which they renovate into working state. my fav is an original Gauntlet cabinet for 4 players :)

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