Early Sega Saturn 'Pluto' Console Prototype Appears on eBay

Sega-Pluto-Prototype-Mockup-on-eBayJust moments before the Dreamcast arrived, Sega were due to release a revised model of their 32-bit hardware which incorporated the NetLink port for online gaming. Known as the Pluto, this updated take on the Saturn sported an all new look, however, it was one which remained unseen for many years. While what was due to go to market may have looked more akin to Sega's previous designs, a more Dreamcast-esque mockup of the console has surfaced and been made available to collectors via eBay.

Supposedly coming from an ex-Sega employee, this newly listed auction for a prototype Sega Pluto console has already seen a flurry of attention online. Although the console lacks any innards or working parts, it's without a doubt an early conception of how the updated 32-bit console could have looked from the outside. Peering within though, the designers at the time clearly had not decided upon how discs would sit within the console, as below the CD tray's temporary door is nothing but a flat layer of plastic.

While the thought of buying a prototype games console that had no hardware within isn't exactly exciting, the seller is currently entertaining offers though best offers - should anyone want a non-working piece of gaming history. That said, those seriously interested should remind themselves that a working prototype of the Sega Pluto (with actual hardware within) did surface in recent years, even if the seller couldn't agree on an asking price.

So which ex-employee has the Sega Neptune then?

Link: Sega Pluto Prototype on eBay

Last Updated ( 27 January 2015 )  


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(Link to this comment) Marsmite 2015-01-27 21:49
I can't believe how much news there is this week. Really good reading!
(Link to this comment) DemonicNinja 2015-01-27 22:07
I really wanted a Neptune ..that didn't arrive either
(Link to this comment) DynamiteHeaddy 2015-01-28 17:05
is there any way we can be sure this is the real deal? i mean is there any evidential liturature of a "white pluto" concept floating around on the web? i dont remember seeing an E3 concept of pluto :(

i might be wrong, but seems too good to be true to just pop up now
(Link to this comment) Naryan 2015-01-30 11:00
DynamiteHeaddy: your very right on this!! I was at the E3 95 and 96 shows when the Saturn was in play with Sega's marketing department, and believe me, only the final Saturn forms have ever been shown (black/white) before the furore that become the Dreamcast came into play...

The plastic seems very well kept, with no yellowing, odd considering the time manufactured as high quality plastics wouldn't be used for non commecial tests + the sticker show no signs of wear/contamination, which even the tidiest of bins would produce... although bigger than the official Saturn branding, it looks strangly reminiscent of these..


Now i'm off to www.alibaba.com to look for a chinese megadrive clone that strangly enough has a pluto shell.....
(Link to this comment) DynamiteHeaddy 2015-01-30 15:27
Naryan: thank you and i totally have to agree with the above point made, no yellowing of the plastic and lack of agedness on both console and sticker, it just all does'nt settle right in my head, also looking at those stickers, you can see just how easy this would be to mock- up something like this. also another point, those controller ports, if thats what they are look very reminiscent of modern day HDMI ports?

and the scuffs dont seem to have that corrosion that you would expect around it also.
im glad you also picked up on this, and noticing the current situation of the seller (they have cancer) you might see why they would be persuaded by doing such a thing. this is all just Speculation though! im not pointing fingers

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