Demo Of The Upcoming Resident Evil 1.5 Sony PlayStation 1 Prototype Released For Download

Demo-For-The-Upcoming-Resident-Evil-1-5-Sony-PlayStation-1-Prototype-Released-For-DownloadJust a mere matter of hours since the team behind the Resident Evil 2 prototype release uploaded a video detailing their restoration to Capcom's unfinished title, a downloadable demo of their work in progress has surfaced online. Retro gamers can finally enjoy a small slice of this unfinished Biohazard survival horror after an agonising wait.

The downloadable demo is a result of some unfortunate controversy online. Since the day Resident Evil 2 was cancelled by Capcom in the mid-nineties and cast aside for the different game we know and love, the unfinished code left behind has been one of the most wanted pieces of gaming history.

As far as we are aware there has been several copies of the game in circulation over the years, all of which have exchanged hands for a considerable amount of money. For everyone else, however, it has remained off limits and very much the centre of hostile discussion, plenty of false claims to ownership, and unfortunately attempts to extortionate cash. 

The latter of these though, is what brings us to this latest news piece.

As of recent somebody has unlawfully obtained the work in progress build that is currently being restored for an upcoming public release - unfortunately with the intent of cashing in quickly. Their attempts to sell this prototype at auction, however, were quickly halted by fans reporting the stolen code's presence to eBay.

While this auction was brought to an end, the team behind the restoration project felt it was not enough to prevent any further attempts of a sale. In order to invalidate any value this stolen code holds, the team have released a playable demo build of their work, rendering what was stolen effectively worthless.

Although this unfortunate series of events has brought along much conflict, it has delivered retro gamers the chance to finally enjoy a small snippet of Capcom's cancelled Resident Evil 2, albeit a very buggy experience. The team behind the release have warned gamers that this downloadable demo of Resident Evil 1.5 is very much an unfinished piece that will occasionally crash - something that will be eventually fixed in the finished release.

Resident Evil 1.5 (PlayStation) Prototype Demo Gameplay Video

The downloadable ISO of Resident Evil 1.5 has been made available to grab from The-Horror forums, which can either be played in a Sony PlayStation 1 emulator or on the original hardware via a modchip or Backup Device.

Link: Download Resident Evil 1.5 (Sony PlayStation 1) Prototype Demo ISO 

Last Updated ( 18 February 2013 )  


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(Link to this comment) DBloke 2013-02-18 09:58
Grabbing with the interestingness of a thousand Stephen Fry/Patrick Moore fusions
(Link to this comment) JoeTheUseless 2013-02-18 12:02
Fantastic will download later if know one knows how to burn ISOs get imgburn at use that to burn the game on the slowest possible speed 1 -3 x should be fine huge thanks to everyone involved quick question though are the team completly finishing the game with there own fan made ending or just fixing everything up were capcom left it :-)
(Link to this comment) colingrist 2013-02-18 12:45
The video doesn't work for me guys!
(Link to this comment) ChildOfTux 2013-02-18 21:43
This is why I love retro gaming - there's always something new and exciting happening with old games :-)
(Link to this comment) Tyron 2013-02-19 15:17
Holy.....crap. My life is now complete.

Massive thanks to Cauterize for bringing this to our attention!

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