Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon - New Neo Geo AES / MVS Homebrew Shooter Due For 2013 Release

crouching-pony-hidden-dragon-new-neo-geo-aes--mvs-homebrew-shooter-due-for-2013-releaseFancy an all new experience on your Neo Geo AES console or MVS setup? Well as long as you don't mind waiting a year, Le Cortex is due to release an all new scrolling shooter with a mix of RPG elements - Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon.

For those familiar with Neo Geo obscurities, this new shooter's title is not  to be mistaken with the hacked pirate version of King of Fighters known as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (that features Street Fighter backdrops in game). Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon is going to be the newest release from Le Cortex, following their impressive puzzler also found on the Neo Geo AES / MVS / CD, known as Treasure of the Caribbean.

This 2013 release is due to build upon your fond memories of the arcade hardware's library of scrolling shooters, while calling upon your love for console gaming RPGs. Taking place in a busy cityspace, your character must tackle his way through countless ninjas and enemies, gather cash to upgrade equipment, and level up through experience.

Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon developer's description

CPHD is a pedestrian shooter mixed with RPG features exclusive for the Neo-Geo. Collect money and experience to evolve your weapons and equipments. Confront hordes of ninjas, shaolins, geishas... into intense fight to earn your immortality.

  • Release: Q3 2012
  • Unique artistic graphic style
  • New and innovative gameplay
  • 30 missions over 6 huge different maps
  • Upgradeable weapon and equipment
  • Huge bosses
  • 8 ways scrolling

Hardware Specs

  • Kit (MVS/AES)
  • Full use of 776 Megabits
  • 32 Megabits of amazing music and sounds
  • Custom made PCB
  • Custom made HardBox

Link: Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon's Official Website

Link: Pre-order Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon from Le Cortex

Source: Neo Geo Pocket Fan Site, NeoGeoForLife

Last Updated ( 14 November 2012 )  


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(Link to this comment) sneth 2012-11-15 20:16
"impressive puzzler" sir you are drunk. TotC was a joke. The programming was a joke, the animation was a joke, and even the Neo boot screen was a joke.

This is a wait and see. i would not put any money down on something form them until it's proven worthy.

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