ControlView - The Ultimate Sega Dreamcast Controller Modification

ControlView Dreamcast Controller by [Fibbef]Actually, that title is a bit misleading - the ultimate Dreamcast controller would be one that added a second analogue stick on the right hand side... but we're getting ahead of ourselves. The Dreamcast is a console that was officially cancelled by Sega in 2001, but here in 2015 it is a system that continues to impress with it's extended lifespan; a lifespan that is almost exclusivley being artificially lengthened by fans.

Whether it's creating new software and games, or in the case of one talented console modder, adding an LCD screen to a joypad, you can't help but be impressed by the continued devotion gamers show to the system. With that last sentence in mind, allow us to introduce the ControlView Dreamcast controller.

The Dreamcast controller’s shape is somewhat conducive to this type of mod. It already has a small window to ensure the view of the visual memory card is not obstructed. Unfortunately [Fibbef’s] screen was a bit too large for this window. That meant he would have to expand the controller and the circuit board.

First showcased on technology and modding website, console modder [Fibbef] explains how he was originally working on a different project but then changed track after a minor mishap with a circuit board. The article goes on to explain how [Fibbef] endeavoured to canibalise two Dreamcast controllers and with a bit of effort managed to remove the original VMU dock, solder in the LCD and also incorporate a USB connector in order to power the device. While it is true that we've already seen full-blown handheld Dreamcasts in the past, that [Fibbef] was able to put this together in just two days is very impressive. This particular mod will undoubtedly draw comparisons to the Wii U's tablet controller, and in the video below [Fibbef] also explains how the ControlView has incorporated speakers for a totally TV-free Dreamcast experience.

Dreamcast ControlView Video


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Last Updated ( 23 January 2015 )  

Tom Charnock

A true connoisseur of failed and obscure console hardware, if Tom isn't extolling the virtues of the Jaguar CD's texture smoothing abilities or the Dreamcast's vast array of useless peripherals he's usually on Twitter asking where all the Super A'Can games are.

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