Complete NTSC Sega Genesis/Megadrive 32X set on eBay

32xsetIf you've ever had the urge to complete the American Sega Megadrive 32X set but haven't yet bought any of the games whatsoever, this auction is for you. As spotted by our writer Arcturius, it's well worth a mention for the die hard collectors out there willing to invest.

Featuring all 36 Sega 32X releases (Including the Sega 32X CD games), this is an auction that you might regret not buying in years to come.

Price-wise, it is what you would probably expect to pay for a full set of any sort, even the small 14 game US Virtual Boy set. Included in the auction are the few Sega CD 32X games released and the elusive Spider-Man: Web Of Fire, often refered to as the rarest of all American 32X releases.

Below is the full list of 32X games included:

"After Burner - Complete in excellent condition

B.C. Racers - Complete in excellent condition
Blackthorne - Complete in mint condition

Brutal: Paws Unleashed - Complete in mint condition

Corpse Killer CD32X - Complete in mint condition

Cosmic Carnage - Complete in excellent condition

Doom - Complete in mint condition

Fahrenheit CD32X (and Sega CD) - Game and instructions are mint, box has a slight crack on the front

Golf Magazine presents 36 Great Holes: SEALED in mint condition. Seal has slight tear on top of box

Kolibri - Complete and has minor wear and a few stickers on the box

Knuckles Chaotix - Excellent condition with no manual

Metal Head - Complete in mint condition

Mortal Kombat 2 - Complete in excellent condition

Motocross Championship - Complete in excellent condition

NBA Jam T.E. - Complete in mint condition

NFL Quarterback Club - Complete in excellent condition

Night Trap CD32X - Complete in mint condition

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure - Complete in mint condition, the inner section is SEALED

Primal Rage - Complete in excellent condition

RBI Baseball '95 - Complete in excellent condition

Shadow Squadron - Complete in mint condition

Slam City with Scottie Pippen CD32X - Complete in mint condition

Space Harrier - SEALED in mint condition

Spiderman: Web Of Fire - No manual, in plastic box with original print exterior

Star Trek: Star fleet Academy - Complete in Mint condition

Star Wars Arcade - SEALED with slight sun fade to the front cover but in excellent condition

Supreme Warrior CD32X - Complete in mint condition

T-Mek - Complete in mint condition

Tempo - SEALED in mint condition

Toughman Contest Boxing - No manual in excellent condition

Virtua Fighter - Complete in good condition

Virtua Racing Deluxe - Complete in excellent condition

World Series Baseball Starring Deion Sanders - Complete in excellent condition

WWF RAW - No manual in excellent condition

WWF Wrestlemania Arcade - Complete in mint condition
Zaxxon Motherbase 2000 -  SEALED in mint condition."

Link to the Complete 32X Collection Auction

Last Updated ( 03 December 2010 )  


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