Classic Video Game 'Cracktros' Immortalised In HTML5 With Flashtro

Flashtro-HTML5-CracktrosMiss the days of getting a ‘back up’ copy of an Amiga game from a friend? The feeling of holding a 3.5 floppy disk freshly ground from somebody’s external disk drive, still warm from the inner most sacred depths of X-Copy? Or maybe you had an Atari ST. Shame.

Most occasions more than none, the anticipation of having a friend or ‘supplier’ deliver you a floppy disk in the playground wasn’t down to the fact that you had a new game, no, it was the anticipation of not knowing what crack-house the disk originally came from.

Skid Row. Fairlight. Red Sector. Scoopex.

All these fully likable and not in anyway illegal friendly anti-software companies were famous for bringing us, the players, a cheap way of playing the latest titles available. But each had their own spin on things. Cracktro’s (Crack Intro’s) were the ‘in-thing’. Each company out doing each other every time a game was ‘cracked’ by laying down the gauntlet with fancy demo style graphics and of course, the music. Oh the music.

Fancy reliving these days without going through your old phone book and trying to find someone to supply you a cracked game only to find out he moved to Australia after the trial regarding a missing shipment of one hundred thousand floppy disks fell through? No. Of course not.

So here’s a link to the handy and reliable people at that will allow you play your favourite Cracktro’s in your internet browser. So sit back, put your feet up on that newly purchased black ash desk your parents bought you and crack open a Tizer. Enjoy.

Link: Flashtro Website

Source: Vintage Is The New Old


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